BenQ DW1625 question re image file

Just recently purchased this drive and am trying to learn the ropes. I have so far succeeded only in duplicating a movie dvd. I have an avi file which I would like to burn to dvd, but have so far been successful.

Here is what I have done:

  1. created a .nrg file with nero
  2. try to burn to disc, but immediately terminates with error “1-DVD-ROM Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder”

I don’t have a clue why this isn’t working when the help file says that it should work.

I have also tried to do a full convert and burn rather than writing to an image file, but was also unsuccessful. Most of the file was burnt to disc, but it terminated with an error - sorry I don’t remember what it said.

BTW, I am using +R discs and burning at 2.4x with the OEM Nero from the DVD writer’s box.

Also, how do I tell what my current firmware version is for this drive? I am aware that there are upgrades available, but I do not know if I need to install them.


I downloaded Nero 6 Ultra Edition and tried it again and it burnt just fine! Guess they supply everyone with crap software when you buy a drive.

I to own a BenQ DW1625. and i beening trying different programs, and get the same problam over and over again. My DVD’s get burned and you can see that they are.
but my pc and my dvd player don’t see then. nothing plays.