BenQ DW1625 is locking up my system, why?

I’ve used this Lightscribe drive plenty, already. I’ve burned lots of movies, music, and Lightscribe labels without problems. But now, it’s locking up my system for some reason. It did this once before, too. How do I know it’s the LS drive? Well, I assume that it is because the system will hang until I turn it off. For instance, when trying to create and burn a label with Nero, I get the label all set, and when I go to print the label, the system hangs (does not respond) until I turn the drive off. Just now, while rebooting, the system hung just before opening the desktop. It actually stayed like that for about 10 minutes (while I was in the other room) until I finally turned the drive off. After turning of the Benq DW1625, the computer continuted with its operation and the system startup resumed. The same thing happens when I’m shutting down. It just hangs there (forever) until I turn the drive off. It wasn’t doing this yesterday or the day before that, though. Why now?

Anybody know what’s going on and how I can fix this?

Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.