BenQ DW1625 fails to recognize any media




My BenQ DW1625 BBIA fails to recognize any inserted media. Otherwise appears to be fully functional. Accepted firmware upgrade. I’m stalled short of disassembling the unit at this point.

I’ve searched here and it seems to be a longstanding problem (various drives) that has never been resolved (other than to RMA the drive if in warranty).

  1. Are there any disassembly instructions floating around that might lead to reseating the internal cables?
  2. Is there a service somewhere that repairs units like these?

My notes are below. Thank you in advance for any pointers that you can add to solving this annoying problem.

– Roy Zider

11/4/2011 21:11 lsz

– Problem DW1625 not detecting media
… 11/4/2011 21:12 lsz
… device recognized OK, but not inserted media
… blasted cavity with compressed air
… have not (yet) disassembled device
… tried on three platforms
K7N - Windows XP SP3
MPX - Windows 2003 Server SP2
MPX2 - Windows XP SP3
… still not resolved
insert media
LED flashes for about 10 seconds, then stops
no disc inserted for QSuite,Windows Explorer
simple media: CD-R, DVD-R
reference media Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R TYG02
… tested with several programs
QSuite 2.1 (“Please insert blank disc”)
Opti Drive Control 1.50
Plextools Professional XL 3.16
Nero Discspeed
… upgraded firmware OK with BQFlasher
… but still not recognizing media
… post note to MyCE forums


[li]clean the lens. Do not use a lens cleaner disc.
[/li][li]what happens if you try a bootable CD or DVD? (in case you tried the drive in another computer, then this is not necessary)
[/li][/ol]If that fails, the drive is most likely dead.



Thanks, Michael. Motivated me to try one more time. I disassembled again, this time took the protective plate off inside and inspected the laser – perfectly clean. But Q-tipped it (dry) just in case. Also reseated the 3x ribbon cable connectors.

Also tested with boot CD – boot CD recognized by boot sequence (CD in drive, boot CD), but would not boot.

So at this point I give up. A shame, really, as it has worked in the past and is good for testing.

– Roy



I am somewhat happy that I have a Philips DVDR1660P1 (Benq DW 1650 clone) stashed away in case my Benq DW 1650 bites the dust…