Benq DW1625 choppy DVD playback

The playback is real choppy when I try to play DVD’s in it. No matter what player (WMP, Nero, etc…) I use, the result is the same. I’ve had this problem since I got the burner.

I’ve flashed it. I’ve tried to make it DMA but it will only stay in PIO mode while my cd player is in DMA. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. My CD burner and the Benq both show up in the device manager as Primary IDE drives (there seem to be 2 sets of Primary IDE’s). It burns with no problems, though a little slow.

Any ideas?

I don’t try to watch DVD’s often on it but there are times when I get a Region 2 DVD that won’t play in my standalone player and want to watch it. So I’ve been having to rip the DVD files to my hard drive and play them from there.

[QUOTE=pearlheartgtr;1980635]The playback is real choppy when I try to play DVD’s in it…[/QUOTE]First of all, drive MUST run in DMA mode. :wink:
Consult mobos manual to learn how.

Do you have the same problems with all burned DVD’s.
Does drive have problem to read “original” DVDs also.

More specific details please. :flower:

I don’t know how much more specific I can get.

All DVD’s (original or burned) have choppy playback in the drive.

I’ve checked the bios and there’s no options for PIO or DMA mode.

In the hardware manager, The DVD is set to run in DMA if available but is running in PIO and the dropdown box can’t be changed.

XP Pro SP3
Dell 4700 (2.8 P4, 320 gig SATA, 2 gig RAM, Benq DW1625)

If you’ve only reinstalled your Benq, have you also uninstalled your ide channel that the Benq is on as this usually fixes the problem as it automatically gets reinstalled correctly when you restart Windows?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the IDE channel and the BenQ–a couple of times.

Just wanted to let you know that I solved the issue.

The problem was the jumper settings on the cd and dvd drives. The cd was set to cable select (and first on the cable) and the dvd was set as a slave.

I made the cd the slave and the dvd the master. Rebooted and waited for XP to recognize and install. I then uninstalled the Primary IDE controllers (for some reason I had 2 Primaries-- turns out 1 was for my SATA hard drive–go figure). Reboot.

The IDE controllers: Device 0 always ran on UDMA (previously the CD) and Device 1 was PIO (DVD). I could never get Device 1 to go to DMA.

Now the DVD is Device 0 (UDMA) and the CDROM is Device 1 (PIO or Not Applicable).

I popped a DVD into the drive and it runs smoothly without a hitch!

Thanks to everyone for their help. I hope this helps someone else out in the future. I always find the best advice here.

Glad you got this sorted out. :clap: :clap::clap:

The $ntel 8** (and early 9**) series chipset mobos will show up with two primarily “IDE” channels in device manager. That’s all normal and not at all related to your problems.
Also, Dell has frequently used Cable Select IDE cables with their oldes compus thus I’m not suprised changing position of burner makes a difference.
But all this is also mentined in compus manual and/or on dell’s homepage. :wink:

Finally, happy to know there was nothing wrong with your DW1625 burner. :flower: