BenQ DW1625 - a 1st look



Just out.



$ 199 for 30 minutes drawing… :eek:


thats in SGD…USD would be about $120


but prices will fall quickly


I still think it’s expensive for that 1X speed drawing feature. What’s more, it’s a slow DL burner, not to mention 16X DVD-R.
Personally I don’t like to pay more for less. :slight_smile:


I got the HP 640c which is made by Benq from Walmart for $99.00. Plus the latest Nero supports LightScribe. It is awesome!!


Here’s a pic:


I’m curious why BenQ choosed to reduce the DVD-R (dash) to 8x maximum… :stuck_out_tongue:

My 1620pro + Epson R200 + quality printable media, serves me well.
And soon I’m sure there will be better BenQ drives out there. :smiley:


That will increase in the next firmware upgrade as well as the LightScribe speed.


here the confirmed price all in SGD…forex rate 1.65 to USD

colored looks nicer =:p


the lightscribe price will drop qiuckly…its also about $99USD here…:D:D


Please, what is your source for this information?


i am also curious… :bigsmile: :bigsmile:




Did they give you a release date?


Soon…dont exactly know for sure.


OT sorry.

wow the benq price in SG went down by $30. :eek: i was there 2 weeks ago and it was at $129. didn’t get one the price wasn’t attractive.


Too bad, you aren’t here now cos prices tend to crash during trade shows as competiton hots up esp during the last 1-2 days as vendors compete to clear stocks. Try to time your visits during such shows next time if possible.

Got my set of the DW1625 today. :smiley:

PS: where are you from? Consider popping over if you are not too far away, the trade show is on until this Sunday, today being the 1st day.


And here’s a present to you guys from my DW1625 package, presenting the final version of QSuite v1.0… just rename the .zip to .exe cos the host wants only zip stuff.

Click to download


you are bad MAC…lol