BENQ dw1620B

hi guys
been trying to find a solution to this for over ages now. Whenever I rip dvd’s to hard drive they work perfectly, not a single problem. However when playing dvd’s straight off the disk thats when problems arise. Video is both choppy and sound is distorted, electronically. Tried searching for firmware and drivers, but can’t find anything anywhere, if anyone could help it would be very much appreciated!

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Most of times this problem is due to a bad burn.

What media did you used? And what speed you burned these discs?

Do your drive give you the same problem also reading pressed dvd discs or you have reading problems only with burned media?

What firmware do you have installed?

Is it DMA enabled?

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BenQ 1620 f/w .
As geno888 asks media/speed? DMA? Enabling DMA

hi guys
cheers for the quick reply, all firmware is up to date. The dvd’s im trying and have tried playing are all commercial dvd’s. All discs i burn work properly on both my pc and others, but also dvd players etc. Have done dma as well, not sure what else it could be. It reads pc games and music cd’s fine. Have tried playing it on media classic, media player, real player, nero showtime, winamp, to no avail :sad:

Check if discs are scratched or dirty. Often this is the problem.

hi geno
i thought it might be this, but EVER disc i put in the drive and play comes up like this! I will call the people who built the computer enquiring tomorrow

Have you double checked DMA?
Have you double checked the jumper?
Have you tried a different IDE cable?

hi chuck
yeh doubled and triple checked dma
I haven’t tried a new ide cable, and what is a jumper?

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Jumper settings allow you to set drive to master,slave,cable select. You’ll find a small plug that can be removed & then put in appropriate position. Just pull off & push on.

try AnyDVD or DVD43

hi whoelts
yer, the problem isn’t ripping but watching dvd’s straight from the dvd