BenQ DW1620A



were is a good place to get one?


Rather depends what country you’re in.


san diego, ca u.s.a.
i see they have the 1620 at newegg but not the 1620A whats the difference?


Zipzoomfly, 49.99 shipped.
Beige 1620 Pro
Black 1620 Pro


what’s the diff between the reg 1620 and the pro1620???

#6 sells DW1620 bulk for as little as about US$41-42 including shipping. 1620 or 1620A or 1620 Pro isn’t that important but retail looks better than bulk/OEM and perhaps also with better warranty.


Visit BenQ forum. This is a place meant for discussions and Q/A regarding hardware excluding DVD hardware. There are many threads about the difference.


Newegg wont accept any 1620 OEM return anymore, is listed in their website. Although our member pcdoc ordered tons of them from newegg without any problem, but just to be safe that’s why I put another alternative (zipzoomfly). ANother thing is, the beige at newegg is out of stock. And the black 1620 Pro is USD56.99, compare to ZZF USD49.99.


You know what I would have ordered if I could (instead of these NU DDW163 DW1620 OEMs.) :slight_smile:

But then US$50 for retail DW120 Pro is also cheap enough (over 20% lower than in South Korea.)


if you are willing to wait, the BenQ 1640 is around the corner, the burn quality is pretty promising


No problems with Newegg BenQ 1620 here.