Benq DW1620A European Bulk Version

Is there any way to make these drives to use the retail version’s firmware?

not yet some are trying. you can volunteer if you wish. all you need is to email dmagic.

Originally Posted by yangxi
BENQ DW1620 “OEM” flash to “RETAIL” firmware

step1: ( G7K9 -> DW1600 firmware )

step2: ( dw1600 -> 1620 )

step3: ( latest dw1620 firmware)

Thanks very much yangxi, I converted to DW1600 first, then to DW1620, and finally updated to B7L9 firmware without any problems at all. I followed your 3 downloads. For anyone out there with a G firmware I advise you to follow yangxi instructions to turn your burner into a true BenQ DW1620 using B firmware.

The above links don’t all work, here is a link to original thread.

thanks all … manage to do the conversion… :0