BenQ DW1620A Dual format & Double layer DVD Burner

Downloaded trial - which would not install - kept saying I needed an MS component which I did not and even downloading and reinstalling the MS component did not help. Bad programming - I hope the actual software is better but couldent tell since I never got it installed.

I just posted the article BenQ DW1620A Dual format & Double layer DVD Burner.

It has been a while since last time we looked into a BenQ drive. The drive they sent us was their latest DVD-Writer; the BenQ DW1620A. The drive supports both DVD+R and DVD-R at 16x as well as double layer technology and is thus a very interesting drive. Let us see how it performs compared to some other drives.

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Horrible. A complete piece of crap. Gregory will rip you off bigtime. He lies too. Get DVD xcopy, it actually does what this p. o. s. claims it does and the support is wonderful. Don’t get screwed like me, avoid dvdcopypro:(:frowning:

I’ve made several copies with the free seven day trial so far. It’s worked flawlessly. You can choose the size of your target drive so that you can copy to either CD or DVD. The software allows you to easilly choose which features to remove and which to keep, while keeping the linking for all the menus. It’s simple to use and does what it claims, and produces a very watchable disk. My only complaint is that saving to the hard drive is a bit less intuitive than saving to another CD directly. It also will not copy protected disks, but you can always copy from an ISO image built by dvddecryptor to solve that little niggle.

Why is this drive not included as the third listing on the frontpage, if I look at ‘Reviews’? And why is this drive not included in the comparision table in the latest review of CDfreaks, the Samsung TS-H552B?

Crap! Don’t waste your money. Just messed up my computer. I had to do a restore after unistalling it.