BenQ DW1620 with YUDEN000 T03?

I have just used all my Fuji YUDEN000 T02 DVD+R’s. Now, I want to buy new DVD+R’s, and at I came across YUDEN000 T03. I want to be sure those are good for my BenQ DW1620, but I can’t find any experiences of BenQ DW1620 owners with this media. So my question: Has anyone used his DW1620 with YUDEN000 T03 media?

Hi [B]ernstblaauw[/B],

You can find some scans here , they look pretty good :wink:

BenQ 1620 with B7W9 firmware burns T03 media about the same quality as BenQ 1650 with BCHC firmware in my experience, though I would buy the T02 instead if you have the choice as they burn better generally, imo.

YUDEN000 T03 works well in a BenQ DW1620 in my experience. :slight_smile:

(I don’t have a BenQ 1620 but my dad has one).

I ordered some spindles, hope they will burn almost as good as the T02’s :slight_smile: