BENQ DW1620 will not show contents in Windows Explorer . !?

Hey, Buzzy here, totally new to all this forum stuff, this looks like a great site, gottalotta info from it so far, as for this thread, I am having a similar problem, and really have not found anything to fix it, welp, here it goes:

Bought the OEM BENQ DW1620, up’d the firmware to B7T9, but I still have the following problem: Windows Explorer refuses to see files that I burn to a data disc, I backed up alotta stuff onto FUJIFILM DVD-&+R’s, bring up Windows Explorer, it initially says that the name is “DVD-RW Drive (D” and the type is “CD Drive” then when I put in one of my data DVD’s it reads “CD Drive (D, CD Drive, 0 bytes, 0bytes”… I threw it in my wife’s laptop’s DVD/CDRW Combo Drive and it worked fine… It backs up DVD’s great… And I’m using Nero to make the data dvd’s…

:bow: Please, please, please someone tell me that I’m just missing a simple fix, you can email @ if you prefer, I thank all in advance, feedback will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: