BenQ DW1620 will not read anything!



Current system specs:

AMD Duron 1.6 GHz
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
608 MB DDR SDRAM (PC2700)
Firmware: G7K9
My BenQ DW1620 is the Bulk Version with firmware G7K9

My problem is that whenever I put any media in the drive, CD or DVD, blank, burned, original (pressed), the drive will not read it. I put the disc in and the light flashes green showing that it is attempting to be read and I hear a faint knocking sound a few times and then the light and the sound from the drive just stop. The disc cannot be read and nothing is updated in My Computer. Since the light did not stay on then the drive cannot detect a disc.

Apparently this happens most of the time, very few times have I been able to actually get a disc to be read but my success rate has been very low.

I would appreciate any help on this matter.


I’d RMA the drive if it can’t read any original (pressed) media. I wouldn’t even try to crossflash the drive to the “B” firmware. Return the drive and get a new one or ask for a refund. Where did you purchase it?


From the noise it makes I’d RMA it as well though you could try the OEM firmware update and see what happens your not breaking you warrenty or anything by doing this.

G7V9 firmware


@ DVD_ADDICT: I bought it in Pacific Mall in Toronto. Its been almost 1 1/2 months since I bought it and the store warranty is like probably over. Only one week for returns. I’ll see if I can RMA it if I can find the receipt.

@ 8T8: I cannot use the G7V9 firmware. I emailed tech support and they said its not for the Bulk Version. So I will not update it. I have the updated firmware which is what I have listed above.


Hey jb1987,

I hope you still check this site for updates to old threads, but I just came across the exact same problem that you described. Did you ever find a solution, or did you just end up replacing the drive? Thanks.


I had same problem with my 1st 1620 after 8 months of use. It was dead.