BenQ DW1620 vs. Pioneer DVR-108



Hello here,

I got my BenQ DW1620 today! :cool:
and that’s mainly because I am not happy with my Pioneer DVR-108.
It is a good burner but somewhat picky: I have problems with some media… and not only cheap one!
I am a “bootleg” DVD video trader and I get lots of very different media in so-called B&P (blanks and postage) trades, so I need a device capable of burning different discs.
My very first test is to burn Ritek/Ridata 8x RITEKG05 DVD-Rs (my Pioneer’s favorite!) at 4x.
Why at 4x? Because I often burn on-the-fly, and the DVD-ROM I use (a LiteOn) cannot reading faster than 4x at the beginning, yo I must stuck with 4.

BTW, BenQ reports far less (50%) PI/PIFs than my LiteOn DVD-ROM.

1st is Pioneer, 2nd is BenQ, and Pioneer seems to be better with RITEKG05@4x, so 1:0 for Pioneer

(to be continued - if interested…)



BTW, this is the same (2nd, BenQ) disc scanned with LiteOn DVD-ROM - quite bad :frowning:


what is a -
“I am a “bootleg” DVD video trader”?


visit (that’s my page)


In the meantime, I burt some DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs on both Pioneer (recently flashed as Piodata) and BenQ. Ritek G05 was still an exception because all other discs were slightly better when recorder with BenQ rather than Pioneer, although the difference is minimal (in terms of CD/DVD speed: BenQ quality rate i.e. 97% and Pioneer 96%). among other media, I tested RICOHJP DVD+Rs, Ritek G04, and some Sony 8x DVD+Rs.

But today I am swept from my feet because I tried to burn some DVD+RWs and the result is … well… look: BenQ on the left and Pioneer on the right.

What’s this?!?!?!


…and the second BenQ DVD+RW burn on different media is even worse!! :frowning: :sad: :a
(4x Primeon DVD+RW, made by Ritek)

Are there any DVD+RWs I can use with BENQ?!?!


Wow! Looks like you may have a problem with the BenQ. I don’t have any problem with the 4X DVD+RW Ricohjpn W11 disc (NEC 3500A). Can you post some Nero DVD Speed scan of the bad discs?


Now I’m sure that I found the problem:
these DVD+RWs were used with Pioneer before, and BenQ cannot burn them properly without full format.
After full formatting the DVD+R on BenQ, the scans look somewhat strange but is really good (95)!!
More info here:
and scan of SAME disc, recorded again after full format here: