BenQ DW1620 to DW1640

Hi !

Can anybody please tell me if it is possible to flash a BenQ DW1620 DVD-burner to a DW1640, which was just released?

And one other thing:
If i flash a DVD-burner with a wrong firmware (e.g. with WinDWFlash) is it possible to flash the old firmware back?

big thanks in advance

greez robak999

Not currently possible to go from 1620 to 1640. Work is continuing but seems hardware may be different.

And as to your other question, it might not be possible, but it all depends on how similar the firmware/hardware of the drives the firmwares are meant for. If you are lucky, then yes, otherwise the drive may be left in a hung unrecoverable state, only recovery is by physically removing the flash chip and programming externally