Benq DW1620 speed problem


I just burned a Benq 8X DVD+R (bought from FutureShop, 200 pack). I burned a 4 gig game on it using 16X speed and it took 45 minutes to burn. Is that normal? What can be the problem?

I am using an AMD XP 2100+, 512 DDR, Win2000 SP2 system.


umm … that’s not normal … cuz @ 16x BenQ drives write dvds in under 6 minutes or so …

but anyways … try the same dvd+r write at 8x … or maximum 12x …


It was probably burning at somewhere between 1x to 2x.

What application did you use?
Did you rip to the hard drive first?
Was this like a DVD_Shrink deep analysis encode?
IDE running in PIO or UDMA?
NForce drivers maybe?
Was your 16X burn readable when done?

Might just need a little more info… :wink:

I used an xbox game, iso file. It was from the HD. DVD_Shrink? IDE? PIO? UDMA? NForce? Don’t know how to answer or where to find the answers to these…

I used Nero, latest firmeware B7T9.

I tried burning another game (.iso) at 12X and it took 36 minutes…

The media is a Benq 8X DVD+R (appear to be DAXON)

update your firmware?

isn’t the latest B7T9 which I already have?

Try a different disk,(I know daxon burn ok from reading thru the forum)
But I have a similiar problem when burning datawrite greys (fujifilm 03)
and thier supposed to burn ok,
What I get when burning 8* OTF is the burn being ok to about 7% then the reader
seems to stop reading for a few minutes, tho burner seems to still do its stuff,
then writing starts again but at about 2*.
worth a try

Yes, you have the newest firmware for the drive. I have read posts saying the BenQ media doesn’t burn well for whatever reason.

Check your configuration. Even bad media does not burn at 1x speed. If you don’t know what IDE, DMA etc is, you should really use the search function. You cannot expect to get a complete crash course here. :slight_smile:

OK got it fixed :slight_smile:

Made some research and here is what I did:

  1. I updated my registry in order to enable UDMA
  2. Installed ASPI (it was corrupted apperently)

So now I was able to burn the same media in 6 mins

Thanks for the help,