BenQ DW1620 - slooow DAE

I just got a new OEM BenQ DW1620 (hence all my recent posts!) and I have resumed ripping my audio CD collection using Exact Audio Copy.

The first disc I ripped went at about 16x. But each disc since then has ripped at about 2 to 2.5x. That’s really slow! My old Lite-On DVD/CD-RW was getting close to 35x by the end of the disc.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had the same trouble?

Does the first disc you ripped at 16x currently rip at 16x?
Yeah, try that disc again, the 16x disc.
Try it about three times.
Let us know what happens.

Good idea. I tried the same disc again, and got up to 10.3X at the end of the disc. I did that twice. Then I tried another disc, and it was back down to 3.7X. And here’s the weirdest part: these two discs are disc 1 and 2 of a two disc set!

I’m using the latest firmware (B7P9), and haven’t set my region code yet (but how could that matter?).

Boombass, see at , i may have a solution for you if problem /ASPI… (?)

I’m awaiting answers on a similar problem with DVD-ripping. Similar to your DAE problem, some discs go 8x+, some go 2.4. Yeah, either 6 minutes or 20.
The problem is repeatable.
One user told me to install a second drive for ripping. And, how I wanted to flame!!!
It is a good practice–a very good practice, but totally missed the point.
The BenQ’s need to work. If it wasn’t past the 30 day vendor return, I would have changed for an NEC very quickly. Slow rip speeds, Ng.
The discs that rip fast can be ripped fast again. The rest rip slowly–very slowly.
This is the same issue whether cd or dvd.
Now, there are 4 in the slo-rip club.

I haven’t ripped a DVD yet, but I’ll give it a try pretty soon. I’m getting better audio rips now. I wrote it up on the other thread (referenced by sunset2004 above), and the problem seems to have been the source discs themselves. I can’t explain it further than that!

I coudl reinstall my old Lite-On DVD/CD-RW for ripping (real damn fast, up to 35X), but I agree with what you said. The BenQs just need to work!

Yes, reinstall the DVD-CDRW. The combination of both will give you a fantastic system. You can also copy on-the-fly. Now that’s much more speed than you can get with only a single drive. Yay!!
I hadn’t thought of this because I have a tiny case (only 1 bay). Sorry.