BENQ DW1620 rewraps

Can someone tell me the different rewraps of the BENQ 1620. Thanks

Have a read of this thread

Note that IO-Magic tend to change around some of their drives so what was a BenQ 1620 could now be something else you’d probably have better luck just getting an OEM or retail 1620 drive.

The Nu Technology DDW-163 is a BenQ DW1620A. :wink: I just ordered one from Newegg and it’s their deal of the day right now! $55.99 with $4 shipping/handling. Can’t beat $59.99 for a retail boxed drive that is an OEM BenQ DW1620A… ahhhh, let me get that drive so I can cross-flash her to B7T9 and I’ll be good to go! hehe

I have the NU DW 163, and it’s great.

Braxas - you might want to hold on to your warranty for at least a few weeks before flashing to a “B” - G7P9 runs the BenQ utilities, DL at 4X - so why bother with “B” and void the warranty? B7T9’s thread shows many that don’t like T9 any better than P9, “G” or “B”. Considering the hassle you had with the refurb drive, I’d repeat my recommendation to flash up to G7P9 and hold there until the NU settles in.

Mine, at G7P9, is really doing wonderfully.