BenQ DW1620 Retail newbie question

Hi folks!

Okey, I have a very stupid question for you that I can’t find an answer to on my own.

As the title indicates, I have a BenQ DW1629 Retail DVD Rewriter. I just read in a PCworld magazine (#4 2005) that it’s possible for all BenQ DW1620 owners to upgrade their firmware to a DW1629 PRO.

Problem is: I have no singel clue whatsoever on which of the following firmwares I’m supposed to use: to get this done.

Can anyone please explain to me why they have FOUR different firmware types (how they work/any difference between them/which to choose etc)? Thats SO confusing! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all answers you might give!

Well simply… they upgrade the firmware constantly but they also offer older firmwares to download… so to get the newest get B7V9 for your retail BenQ 1620. The differences are explained in the thread… only if you aren’t satisfied with the burn quality or have any trouble with the newest firmware you could try some older firmwares. I don’t really own a BenQ so maybe someone else can recommend you what firmware to use but as far as I have seen B7V9 works very good for most people. =)

If you burn -R I’ll get the best results with B7T9 and if you use +R you can use the newest firmware which is B7V9 at the moment.