BenQ DW1620: recommended OEM firmware?




I have a BenQ DW1620 OEM, so I am wondering which G7?? firmware should I flash so I don’t void my warranty? I want to be able to burn cheap DVD-R media like Princo at the highest quality possible (I know, Princo sucks…) and the burning speed is secondary (ie. the quality is primary). I searched the forums before I posted, but I can’t put all the pieces of information together because so few people still use the G7?? firmware.

PS: If I flash the B7?? firmware, is it possible to revert to G7?? prior to eventual RMA?

I’m sorry again if this question was asked elsewhere. Thanks in advance.


for a start, don’t ask yourself too much questions: use the latest G7V9 fw, or stick to the actual one.

If you flash it using a CVT B7X9 FW and for some reasons your drive still works but you need to RMA it, then you will be able to return to a G7x9 FW.
If your drive is really dead, then you won’t be able to flash it back and you “might” loose your waranty.
Flashing to a B firmware will not give you more then you already have with your G firmware. Your drive will only be seen as a Benq in your device management.


I am asking you this because some people noticed some inconsistencies between G7V9 and B7V9 and I’m just wondering what G7?? firmware is most stable and fitting my needs?


I would avoid G7V9 if you can as there are loads of problems with it whereas B7V9 is ok. If you just want to burn cheap media, S9 was created specifically for the Chinese market where quality media was not available and gives excellent results on Princo & CMC etc. G7T9 is probably the best all rounder but the best thing is to experiment and see which firmware suits your particular drive & media. I have had three Benq 1620’s and each performed differently with each firmware. I ended up with B7V9 in one drive, U9 in another and T9 in the third.


Good old BenQ. Different firmwares better on different drives and probably different media? :confused:


I tried once to flash a bulk drive to G7V9 and as a result i had a very slow speed when scanning disc quality with nero dvd-speed 3.80. Everything came back to normal when flsahing back to G7P9. I remember that i’ve read something about that somewhere here but i can’t recall where nor find it now. Should i try G7V9 again?

I know that I can crossflash but this drive is pretty new (already a RMA’ed one) and I’d prefer to be sure that it works fine before doing it.


Suggest you flash to G7U9 and not G7V9 as V9 is not very stable. G7U9 is the most up to date stable bulk firmware. All Benq 1620’s, whether bulk or retail are now being shipped with retail (B) firmware so presumably Benq will be phasing out updates for G firmware.