BenQ DW1620 PRO out now in FS

the sale and release of Benq 1620 pro started today at Futureshop and its C$89.99 after C$50 MIR and C$30 instant rebate. it comes with firmware B7S9 and it is only in black. it will go on sale until feb. 10. after that it is C$169.99. Just to let you know guys…I got one and so far so good.

Apart from a different FW, I don’t believe there is a difference hardware wise, between a Pro and regular 1620. The user can always flash the non-Pro FW to a Pro FW.

You live in BC, so just get the OEM 1620 from NCIX for 70 bucks and flash it with the pro firmware. Did this with the 2 1620’s I bought off them (
and they work great, and no waiting around for a rebate.