BenQ DW1620 Pro or non-Pro?

Hello folks,
I ordered my BenQ DW1620 Pro black bulk on the weekend and got it today.
Fast delivery and ggod price but after opening a package I saw a device which has label “BenQ DW1620” (without PRO) on the label and looks like DW1610 version: rathar than 1620PRO:
My questions is: how a bulk version of “DW1620 Pro”??
I know that a non-pro may be flashed as pro but I thought that they look slightly different or are at least different labeled!
Is it possible that they are being officially sold labeled as non-pro?!

once again: it is OK if a PRO looks like this:

rather than this:

and even is labeled without “Pro” suffix!!!..

P.S. I could post some “Pioneer DVR-108 vs. BenQ DW1620” scans today+tomorow: any interest??

What a surprise! I ordered my BenQ from newegg a while back and the front panel looks like the second pic. So mine is a Pro?!?! :bow:

Where did you ordered yours?

Mine has four logos:

  1. RW DVD+R DL
  2. RW DVD+R Rewriteable
  3. DVD R/RW
  4. CD Rewriteable

My OEM BenQ (I/O Magic) also has 4 logos but the tray button is big like the first pic.

mine has these 4 logos as well but this is the only difference to the 1st pic… :frowning:
Most sudden thig is: the label on the top says it is a non-pro!!

I’m from Germany and ordered it from “

In your post#1 you said you ordered black bulk, so it’s probably OEM.

Edit: Do you see any serial numbers? No serials in the OEM, afaik.

yes maybe it is OEM and maybe it is OK that the front looks that uncool but it is also labeled as “BENQ DW 1620” without mentioning “Pro”…

What’s the difference between the OEM and the PRO? Can I flash my OEM with B7P9 or B7T9? (It has G7H9 in it now)

OEM - have big button
Retail - have slick button and software
this all different between them. Burn, scan and if all O.K. keep.

The OEM versions here don’t even have BenQ on the front bezel :eek: Just the Logos & the Big Button :iagree:

I actually bought one here for a friend last Saturday. I tested it with various firmware on numerous Media. Finally Flashed it with B7T9 RPC-1 last night and retested it. (CD - High Speed 24X CDRW, DVD+RW, DVD+Rs) Dramatic change in performanace over the various firmware. I was impressed :smiley: The CD burning alone went from about 25X to 40 X with B7T9 - and now it’ll do 4X DL :bigsmile: ) Sent it Fedex today to Brazil. I’ll bet he’ll like it :slight_smile:

Wrong, OEM have serial numbers.

Yes you can flash it to “B” firmware but you need to follow the instructions for cross flashing from OEM to retail firmware.

I purchased an OEM 1620 from work and cross flashed it after reading the instructions in this forum. Just do a search, sorry I’m too lazy and tired to find it right now.