Benq DW1620 PRO or Nec ND3540A

I have ordered The benq 1620 PRO but they have told me it is out of stock at distributor so they wont be serving it for a week then i get to the Nec forum and spot the Nec 1540 announcement with a nice specs sheet

I like the benq one because u get almost u can ask for with official firmware ppl that owns benqs are more than happy with them and by no means i will get a 1520 to use it with hacked firmwares so heres my question.

If you compare benq DW1620pro and nec ND1540A USING THEIR OFFICIAL FIRMWARE which one do you get (no fan boys nonsenses pls)

specially on things like riplock (low read speed when ripping a movie)
backing up protected games (ps2 and pc) -(ive read benq fail here)

i know the nec is not still out but if you know nec writers you probably know something about this questions.

benq DW1620 PRO

corrected the thread title with proper model numbers

NEC make good drives and they perform well, but this model as you said, is not available at this time, so its not possible to say how it will perform.

its funny cause ive read the comparison for nec 1520 hacked vs official firmware and i know u are the programmer of the hacked one XD i dont want u to think i do not appreciate ur contribution to the community is just im frightened with the idea of voiding a warranty the first day but who knows if the Nec ND-1540A is out in 1 or 2 weeks maybe ill get it and in the future i will install a Dee-27 Firmware version :slight_smile:

DA’AN: ND-1540A should be NS-3540A !?

yeah i didnt noticed that i suppose it was a lapsus and Dee-27 solved it

I would wait for the 3540a, the 1620 drive has had tons of quality control problems, besides the fact that its old now :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering that neither the 3520 or 3540 will do anything that the 3500 will not do. (given currently available media), why wait? Just get the 3520 and enjoy.

Benq supports testing media though which is a bonus in my eyes…

Well you must have been blind or something that you didn’t see that this will be soon possible for Nec burners too. :bigsmile:

Yeah but no jitter or bitsetting on NEC :stuck_out_tongue:

true :frowning:

Buy the NEC… I just sent back the BENQ 1620 because of its horrible Media support! Go NEC… I have bought 3x3500 and 3x3520’s for myself and other rippers and all are great with stock firmware. And if you go on the BENQ forum you will see tons of probs.


horrible media support ? BenQ? Not really. =)

I noticed you mentioned, that Benq is bad for copying games, so is Nec. :slight_smile:
So, if you care about copying games, both are failiers. You need two-sheepers minimum, like Pioneer, Lg, Liteon. just to name a few.

i’ve had my benq for a couple months now and love it.

it even wrote really well to this crap media i had sitting around.