BenQ DW1620 Pro or NEC ND-3520A



Hello I am just wanting to get some people’s opinions on these two dvd burners, BenQ DW1620 Pro and NEC ND-3520A. Being a Liteon fan it saddens me that Liteon hasn’t created a good dvd burner from what I have read. Anyway, I have doing alot of research and reading on what my next dvd burner should be. I know there are a few difference like RW speed is lower on the BenQ than NEC. But the BenQ has bitsetting for all formats while NEC (using NEC firmware) only supports DL bitsetting. And NEC will be releasing a firmware upgrade for DVD-R DL format while BenQ doesn’t.

I am just looking for a dvd burner that has good DVD burning quality/speed and is reliable. I am not making my decision based on price, since I am not hurting for money. But I don’t want to overpay for a dvd burner either. And I am open to any suggestions and reason why a good dvd burner that I may have over looked. Thanks.