BenQ DW1620 Pro OEM not ejecting after done...?

New to this forum. When i purchase a BenQ DW1620 Pro OEM from newegg for a friend cause im putting together a system for him, and before i give him or anyone i make PC for i like to try out everything i can to make sure it works right. Well I was testing out the Nero Express 6 that came with the drive and just doing a quick CD copy and it burned the CD to 100% and was done but it didnt eject the CD on it own like most burning software do when they complete a CD. The Nero program even froze and i had to End Task on it. I ejected the CD by just hitting the button on the drive, and the CD was burned fine. So i thought it was just Nero and the drive not working well together. So i installed Roxio 7 and same thing it would get to the end and say 100% finished but didnt eject the CD on it own after completing the burn. I hit Close button on Roxio and then it went back to the screen before the burn and the CD then ejected but i know from using these programs before on other PC that they eject when burn is complete. The CDs come out fine with no errors but the drive wont eject after burn.
Has anyone had this problem or know of way to fix this? I went thru the simple fixes that i know of but nothing. I didnt try other firmware cause i didnt want to do that till i asked about this problem to you gurus. And if it was a firmware problem what one do you suggest i use cause heard something about the Pro OEM not being a Pro and have to use other firmware but i could use the Pro Firmware but would void warrenty and what not…all just kinda confused me.

Hope you guys can help

Thanks for your time.

Nero does not AUTO eject at the end of the burn. However, Nero will eject the disc when I close the burn compilation screen.

Nero for me when i hit the close just freezes. and i have to hit ctl+alt+del and end the task, gets the no response on it.

Remove/reload Nero. The use of multiple burn applications can cause conflict. Don’t believe there is any problem with the drive.