benQ dw1620 or plextor 716A help fast!



OK… there is a conspiracy and I need your help uncovering it fast. I can’t find a good plextor 716A review but the drive has been at best buy or a while now.

I need to know which to buy… the benQ dw1620 for 49.99 (with rebate) white box from tiger direct… 79.99 with software (I missed the rebate was 59.99) or the Plextor 716A from pcconnection 69.95 after 80 dollar rebate plus a free 50 pk of dvd-r media with purchase of a burner after rebate

everyone says the benq is good but I can’t find plextor reviews…

I need to order before the 31st to get the rebates… HELP!!

just curious… has anyone ever really used bad burns as drink coasters?


Yup…got one here with a nice glass of coke on top of it…

Can’t help you with choosing a burner, but you posted this in the Benq section, so i’d say : get the Benq!


Plextor seems to be having lots of problems burning cheaper media, I would go Bend1620 or NEC I own a Benq and have no complants


I HATE the Tiger rebate schemes and I think $79.99 is about $10.00 too high for the 1620 including software. So, although I really like the 1620 drive, I voted “none of the above”.

In contrast, there seems to be a fair number of unhappy Plextor users based on a recent poll:

Out of the 44 people who voted, 13 were disappointed, and of those 13, 7 warned against buying it.

Here’s a comment from OC-Freak, Senior Admin:

I’ve now done many tests and the PIF’s often exceeds 4 - while PIE still being good.

Also got several coasters (Prodisc.R03, RitekG05 and VDSPMSAB002) - so considering the price I’ll say Poor Quality compared to NEC/BenQ.

If you get the plex - stick to the highest quality media like TY or MCC to avoid problems

One other drive that a LOT of people like is the NEC 3500. You might want to consider it as an alternative as well - particularly if you plan to write a lot of “-R” media.

The BenQ 1620’s real strength is with “+R” media. Many people believe that if you restrict it to “+R” media that it produces the best quality burns of all other burners.


Get the BenQ DW1620 and forget about the Plextor 716A. There have been too many problems with the Plextor 716A that I’ve read about here and in other forums also. I have two BenQ DW1620 burners and love them both. They’re the best DVD writers I have ever owned or used. Go with the white box and save yourself some money. :slight_smile:


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