BenQ DW1620 OEM - Slow Burning and Region Coding Issues

I am new to this forum, so this post may need to be moved to the newbies forum. However, I felt it might be better to post it here since this is where all the BenQ users are. I installed a brand new BenQ DW1620 today on my machine. It’s the OEM/bulk version. I ordered it from

Once I got it installed, I immediately tried to burn approximately 4.7 GB worth of data (movie and music files) to a Memorex 16x DVD-R using Nero at 16x. The first attempt resulted in Nero stalling at 3% and my first DVD-R coaster.

I then upgraded my firmware to the latest version (G7V9 – G for the bulk version of the drive) and also updated Nero to the latest version ( I then re-tried the same burn on the same type of media, but this time, I reduced the speed to 12x. The burn completed in approximately 1 hour 33 minutes – entirely too long!

I then tried burning another DVD-R, filled to the max with 4.7 GB worth of data, but this time at the maximum speed of 16x. This next DVD-R completed in half the time, clocking in at about 45 minutes. This still seems too long to me.

Here are the relevant specs of my dated PC:

Dell Dimension 4100 (purchased August 2000)
Windows 98 Second Edition
933 MHz Pentium III
256 MB 133 MHz SDRAM
45 GB 7200 RPM HDD (I’m guessing 2 MB buffer/cache)

I think any number of things could be causing my slow burns. Could it be my operating system? Could it be my RAM or hard drive? When I watch Nero burn the DVD-R’s, I notice that the “Used Read Buffer” starts at 100% and then works its way down to 0%, then it immediately hops back up to 100% and starts the same process over and over until the DVD has completed burning. Is this type of fluctuation normal? Is this a sign my computer hardware is not fast enough to support higher DVD burning speeds or could it just be some software settings?

I have read that I may need to enable DMA on the burner. I have tried to access this feature, but the option does not exist for any of my CD/DVD-ROM drives under Device Manager in Windows 98. My hard drive has DMA enabled though, so Windows 98 SE does support it. I just found it odd that there was no checkbox to enable/disable DMA for my DVD-ROM drive and DVD burner.

One other issue I am having deals with the regional coding on the drive. None of my Region 1 DVDs work with the drive. They are all genuine DVDs. When I insert a DVD, WinDVD will load, but will not play the DVD. When I try playing the DVD with InterActual Player, the player told me that the drive is not the same region as the DVD. Does this mean I purchased a BenQ DW1620 that is NOT Region 1? I purchased it from a reputable U.S. retailer, so I figured it would be Region 1. In fact, my DVD-ROM drive is also BenQ and I purchased it from the same retailer ( and it has worked great so far. Perhaps I have a faulty drive or is there some setting I need to change? I don’t want to go so far as to update the drive with unofficial firmware as I may still try to return/exchange the drive.

ANY tips, advice, or recommendations to help me speed up my DVD burning and/or help me play DVD movies on my DW1620 would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

First of all you are probably not going to obtain the 16x speed when burning a dvd. I’ve used one of my 1620’s in a Pent 3 933ghz pc as well and it is able to burn at 12x successfully. You may want to crossflash your drive with the “B” FIRMWARE. Download the WinDXFlash.exe and B7P9.CVT file from this site:

make sure there is no disc in the drive and turn off all software that is running in the background such as antivirus software when you flash it. you can flash the drive in SAFE MODE. double click on the WinDXFlash.exe file then direct it to where you have the B7P9.CVT file and let it flash. when it’s done flashing just reboot the pc.

Here’s a link on ENABLING DMA in 98

Download DVDINFRO PRO or DVDIDENTIFIER to find out the media code on those MEMOREX DVD-R which I suspect is manufactured by CMC which isn’t the best media to use.

BTW welcome to the Benq forum and pls. read the FAQ in the BENQ FORUM.

Thanks for your help DVD_ADDICT. What does it mean to crossflash? I tried to find this out myself, but couldn’t. I don’t want to accidentally mess up my drive if I’m not absolutely sure what I’m doing.

When I tried to enable DMA in Win98 on my burner, I tried using the same method as the instructions you provided from that link. Unfortunately, for some reason, I don’t even have a DMA checkbox for my burner. I’m not sure why that is.

Finally, I used DVD Identifier on one of my discs and here’s the information it gave me:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20 ]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC 03RG20 ]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

[ DVD Identifier - ]

BTW, I talked to the folks at BenQ and they recommended that I use DVD+R media and NOT Memorex brand. Just the news I wanted to hear after buying two 50-pack spindles of Memorex DVD-R’s and opening one of them already.

Do you think the operating system, RAM, or HDD have anything to do with the long burning time?

Howdy. Do this…step by step…

[li]Get the WinDWFlash program here (
[/li][li]DVD_ADDICT recommends B7P9.CVT. That’s fine. Get it here (
[/li][li]Then do what DVD_ADDICT said… “make sure there is no disc in the drive and turn off all software that is running in the background such as antivirus software when you flash it. you can flash the drive in SAFE MODE. double click on the WinDXFlash.exe file then direct it to where you have the B7P9.CVT file and let it flash. when it’s done flashing just reboot the pc.”

I would concure with BenQ. I have had MUCH better luck burning on DVD+R media. Specifically, I only buy genuine Taiyo Yuden media or Fujifilm “Made in Japan” media (which really is just rebranded Yaiyo Yuden media…usually).

To help you further (hopefully), I only buy from The link to the DVD+R media I buy is here.

The only thing I would recommend…get more RAM. 256Mb is a bit low. Also, don’t try to burn at 12x or higher. Go nice and slow… 8x should work best.


No need to worry abot RAM on a Win-98SE box. 265 MB is sufficient for most tasks… :wink:

tdb41, make sure your HDD is well defragmented.

  • Check if you have Intel Ultra ATA Storage drivers installed. If not download new here.
    (note, win 98 doesn’t have any native UDMA capable IDE drivers…)

  • You can also check your BIOS (F2 on boot/start-up, me thinks) for any UDMA settings. Latest BIOS version for your box is 4100_A11

Thanks for the help, everyone.

I crossflashed my drive using WinDXFlash.exe with the B7P9.cvt file. My firmware is now B7P9. What is the difference between crossflashing and just flashing? Why did DVD_ADDICT choose B7P9. Is that the best available firmware for the DW1620 at this time?

BTW, I am planning to upgrade my system to WinXP Pro and add another 256 MB RAM (to total 512 MB RAM) as well as a bigger and faster HDD. Hopefully, this will help improve performance.

I recommended B7P9 because that was the best firmware to start with in my opinion. You may flash the drive to other later firmwares such as B7T9 & the latest B7V9. Some have had better results with certain dvd media so it depends what brands of dvd media you’ll be using. Your CPU isn’t fast enough to burn at 16x speed. Upgrading to more ram and a faster hard drive wouldn’t necessarily boost the burning speed up to 16x. I have a old P3 933 pc with 512 mb of memory that can only burn at 12x. 16x speed was not available for me when using DECRYPTER or NERO BURN. Crossflashing to the “B” firmware will allow you to use the latest firmwares. “G” firmware is used for OEM drives, “B” firmwares are released before the “G”. Some have reported the “B” firmware is better than “G”. :wink:

Good luck and let me know if you are able to burn @ 16x. :wink:

  1. get 80-pin IDE cable, so you can actually use DMA mode.
  2. enable DMA mode
  3. get better hardware. Slow hard disks will kill any chance of an 8x (or higher) burn, so defrag like crazy
  4. get enough memory. Want to burn fast? Get a gig or more, don’t waste time with less than 512MB.
  5. kill all background tasks before burning!
  6. DON"T USE NERO! it’s bloody huge, and on your (weak) system it’ll slow things too much. Try DVDdecrypter, but be aware that it’ll probably use a smaller buffer. KILL THOSE BACKGROUND TASKS!
  7. don’t do ANYthing while it’s burning. Leave the computer alone.

Of course, nothing will help you if you don’t have UDMA enabled. You’ll be stuck @ 2.4x if it’s in PIO mode

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Note. 40 conductor IDE-cable is sufficient for UDMA mode function. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, my BenQ 1620 is connected to a “40” cable and still one of the fastest burners in this forum. :smiley:

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Thanks for all the tips, everyone. I’ve done almost everything everyone has suggested and I’m still waiting on the extra RAM and HDD to arrive as well as install the new OS. I’ll let you know what speed improvement I get, if any, the next time I burn a DVD.

Another option…and I realize this may be silly and obvious…BUT…

Your Dimension 4100 is almost five years old. With the money you’re spending on new RAM (probably about US$ 60.00 or so, I’d say?) and HDD, and new OS, have you considering just getting a new computer? If you want to stick with the Dell’s, here in the US, they’re selling Dimension 2400 machines for $299.00 after rebates. Granted, I know the Dimension 2400’s are not exactly power machines, but for $300.00…a 2.4GHz machine isn’t bad…

Just a thought, tdb41.

had same problerm re-installed windvd and now everything is A-ok.

Yeah, I thought about that spooks, but I’m pretty happy with the computer I have now. It still runs pretty fast and I don’t use any intensive applications or play any games. The total cost for this upgrade I’m doing is just under $200 – burner ($47), RAM ($55), and HDD ($91), shipping/handling included. Those cheap Dells are nice because they have faster processors and better quality RAM, but that’s about it. It’s not a big enough difference for me to take the plunge and buy a completely whole system right now. I’m just trying to extend the life of what I have for a few more years.

Hi tdb: I second spooks’ suggestion. It’s really worth upgrading.

When I bought my first BenQ1620, I was running a K7 850 MHZ with 256 MB of RAM, and the performance was crap: I could barely exceed 1-2X during burns. However, upon purchasing a new PC (3 GHz P4, 512 MB DDR2 RAM, etc.), I can easily burn at 12X in ~6 mins.

DVD burning is not exactly a cheap hobby (though it is a lot cheaper than it used to be), and like all things, if you don’t put much into it and use the necessary equipment, e.g., 2-3 GHZ processors, you may not get maximum performance out of the newer burners.



Well guys, I just burned 3.1 GB to a Memorex 16x DVD-R at 8x (11,080 KB/s) using Nero and it took exactly 6:06. This is a remarkable improvement over what I was getting before and I haven’t finished installing all my upgrades yet. I know I can probably get more speed out of this drive/machine combo, but I’m pretty happy with this next result.

I don’t know exactly what did it. I installed the extra 256 MB RAM to total 512 MB RAM. I updated my BIOS from A04 to A11. I crossflashed my drive firmware to B7P9. I have NOT yet installed the new Seagate HDD with 8 MB buffer or WinXP Pro.

As a sidenote, after crossflashing my drive to B7P9 and still having problems with the region issue, I flashed my drive to the RPC1 B7P9 firmware from TDB and I have no problems playing DVD movies now.

It’s been a couple weeks, but I have not forgotten about this thread. I finally have all my upgrades installed along with WinXP and I just burned 4274 MB onto a 16x 4.7 GB Memorex DVD-R in exactly 6:20 using Nero with AIM and BitComet running in the background. I set Nero to burn at 16x, but I don’t think it burned at the drive’s maximum potential as I saw the buffer fluctuate a few times towards the middle-end of the process. This pretty much satisfies me given the old machine I’m using. Thanks for all your help everyone.