Benq DW1620 new user

to expert people

I’ m a new user about Benq 1620 retail version with firmware B7S9

(until now I used only Pio burners, but with last DVR-109 I was disappoint…
and reading this forum I decided to purchase a Benq)

I have questions please…

  1. can I change official firmware in advance, for example with B7V9 and then come back to another previous firmware …B7P9 or B7T9 ?
    And if yes …How (simply with the .exe file ??)

  2. What is the best firmware for -R disc? (I have a lot of TYG01 and Verbatim -R)

  3. How can disable or enable WOPC feature ?
    (Reading posts it seems possible)

  4. Is it a normal behavior that red led litgh flashes during burning ??
    (because with pio burners the light is always on during burning)

Thanks in advance to all expertise people
I appreciate this forum very much

1)Yes you can use any Bxxx firmware & go back and forth between newer & older ones. Just use the Bxxx.exe to flash the firmware.

2)B7V9 the latest is pretty good with DVD-R from what I’ve tested with my own media.

3)Yes it is normal, solid green when disc is in drive and flashing red while burning.

I’ve just flashed my 1620 from B7P9 to B7V9 back to B7P9 with no probs. When flashing make sure you don’t have any media in the drive and turn off all programs running in the background or you can flash the drive in safemode. All you do is double click on the exe file and let it flash the drive then it will inform you to reboot the computer.

Many thanks for answers.

I edited after the post (sorry !) with another question

How can I disable or enable the WOPC feature to test different results??

and is it possible with MCSE sw to force any media (-R) to burn at 2x speed…when I used set speed there are no changes in any media code selected.

Thank in advance to all

If you want to disable WOPC you need two things.
One is the QSuite you could get it from here
Just rename the extension .zip to .exe!
Second one you need one of the latest firmwares B7U9 or B7V9.

BenQ 1620 doesnt support writing media at 2x only 4x for DVD-R and 2.4x for DVD+R its a writer that prefers high speed media :iagree:

[Although you can see the 2x option for certain media in MCSE it has to be activated by BenQ for it to be usable]

MCSE displays 2x write speed (which is 2.4x on Benq drives) for -R media if 8x write speed is available on Benq 1620 type firmware. So MCSE behaves exactly like the firmware does. See the screenshot made with B7V9.

My 1620 does very poorly with a lot of -R (TY is OK). Look here for a scan of Verbatim MCC 02RG20:

It is an OK burn but no where near as good as some others. My LG does very well with these media.

Let me gess that this is a taiwanese one ?

Bleh… that looks like an excellent scan. I swear, you guys are getting way too anal about the scans… 11avg PIE is awesome…

It would be an awesome scan if I didn’t have my LG to compare it to. PI average of 2.28 and PIF TOTAL of 9. :smiley:
To be fair, this is the CMC made Verbatim and not the Prodisc and even my NEC has trouble with it. Unfortunately, with Verbatim, you never know which version you will get so I stick to TY now.

Actually, no. Made in China, December 2004.

I think he was referring to the media.

I have probs with MCC in general ever since they changed from singaporean to taiwanese mostly mountains on the end and not really plain results (higher and lower in various areas).
I dont know what they’ve done.
The first time it appeared was several months ago on my old litey 832S after that it appeared on most discs and the funny thing is it happens with other burners too.
I dont get where it could gone bad.