BenQ DW1620 making strange noise

Since today my BenQ is making a strange noise when I insert a CD-R into it. It goes like “gluck-gluck-gluck”, and after that things continue to work normally.

Actually I noticed a similar noise a couple of days ago with a CD-RW that wouldn’t be recognized by the BenQ after erasing it failed. I got “gluck-gluck-gluck-gluck-gluck-…” 4 times in a row and after that the light just went out, every time I tried. I thought it was just part of not being recognized, but now I get the same sort of noise with EVERY CD-R before it actually starts to spin.

DVD+Rs don’t seem to be affected, although I can hear the same sound faintly when I put my ears next to the machine. But not nearly as pronounced as with CD-Rs. CDs and CD-RWs only seem to produce 1 “gluck” before spinning.

I checked several discs for scratches after running them in the BenQ, luckily no problem there.

I opened up the drive and put it back together, no change. Didnt’ see anything stuck or something either. Couple of days back I got a Windows freeze caused by Nero after burning a disc and my BenQ tray stayed open, so I manually closed it. I hope I didn’t force it or anything there?

Anyone know what this could be? :confused: