Benq DW1620 firmware error



i had a benq dvd burner DW1620 with firmware G7L9 (bulk version) which i tried to flash it with the official firmware G7V9 from the benq website…
it was interrupted as in there was an error in the flashing process…and my windows just freezed up…i rebooted my comp and my dvd burner was listed as cd-rom and i check the firmware … it became as DW1600 firmware fs02

anybody knows how can i restore my benq dvd burner into the firmware that i had before…plss…



Have you tried reflashing it with the G7L9 firmware?


You should be able to reflash it with a cvt file if worst comes to worst.


At least your drive isn’t dead and unrecoverable, so consider yourself lucky; it’s just running in safe mode. Try the flash again, and upon completion of the flash, things should be okay.

However, it might be a good idea to find out why the flash failed in the first place so that it doesn’t happen again. To be safe, it might be a good idea to try the flash in DOS mode with a CVT flasher because flashing in DOS is generally much safer than flashing in Windows…

BTW, please do not cross-post… I’ve deleted your thread in the Firmware Forum.