BenQ Dw1620, Dw1620a and Dw1620pro, differences?




It really feels as an FAQ question but I did some searching and didn’t find any relevant information.

I’m about to buy a BenQ DW1620PRO but I just want to know there are any differences between DW1620, DW1620A and DW1620PRO.

I would guess that the only difference is the firmware and that the PRO version simply just has the latest firmware but you never know.

Is the only difference the firmware, and if so does the DW1620PRO have the ‘best’ out-of-the-box firmware?


only difference is firmware. get which ever one is cheaper.


ok thx.
I’ll go for the PRO version since thats the only one I can find in a store nearby (and the price is about the same on all).


Please post when and where it was manufactured before you install it - its hard to see the label esp. the small writing “Made in …” when it is in. I am just curious …



It says Made in Malaysia and the date December 2004.


Thanks! Good luck for the first tests.



i also purchased a BenQ DW1620Pro a few days ago. mine says manufactured in malaysia in november 2004 and my first tests surprised me: i have bought a few cheap FUJIFILM02 DVD-Rs and burned one on my friend’s toshiba burner and the burned disc had PIEs beyond 1000 and was unreadable at the outer tracks. i burned 3 of this discs with my new benq now and they have PIEs that don’t go above 200, none errors whatsoever and the surface scan done with nero CD-DVD speed utility shows 100% green on my liteon dvd rom, so i’m happy for now :slight_smile:



Do tests at 8x with Nero CD/DVD Speed v3.61 with the disc in the BenQ. Lite-On DVD-Rom drives (outside of their burners) do not give accurate representations of the errors on the discs. Do not turn on Quick scan when performing the test. Download the newest version of Nero CD/DVD Speed at


My short story:

  • I ordered a bulk/OEM DW1620 PRO online;
  • I got a burner which is labeled as “DW1620” (without “pro”);
  • I asked official BenQ support if I has been ripped off;
  • I got a question which firmware version this burner has
  • I checked it and said “B7P9”!
  • BenQ support told me “OK, this is a PRO then” :slight_smile:
    I think this is the final demonstration that there are no hardware differences between these models - “Pro” and “non-pro”.




Say I wanted to turn my “1620” into a “1620A” which firmware should I flash it with?


Use anything.


Well, my 1620 HAS to be a 1620A for compatibility reasons. My duplicator isnt recognizing my 1620 as it is. Which firmware is specifically labeled for the “A” drive?


He answered your question already.

The new firmwares on the site make it an A/Pro drive by default


Ok I understand! One last thing-- do you mean the firmware on the Benq site or at the site listed in the post at the top of this forum?


If you are crossflashing from “G” to “B” firmware or vice versa you need the .cvt file from the unofficial site. Otherwise the Unofficial site links to all the official firmware.
hope that helps