BENQ DW1620 DVD+R DL Problems

I recently reflashed my Philips DVD8601 to a Benq DW1620. I currently have the B7W9 firmware. The drive has burned DVD+R 16x media just fine. Unfortunately when I try to burn Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x media I receive an error message. The drive recognizes the media and begins the burn process, but errors out after a few seconds telling me “Burning Failed at 2.4x.” Is this a problem with my drive or media? I use to burn Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x in my Philips all the time with no problems, but never had a chance to try the 8x until I reflashed.

I have also tried using multiple programs for the burn process. Every program gave me some kind of error, but the above mentioned error came from Nero 7.

My 1620 has never liked Verbatim

I use Ricoh, not a single coaster

I’d use Verbatims DL +R 2.4x rated instead and use ImgBurn!

I did try ImgBurn with the 8x with no success. I would like to try another brand, but my local store only sells Verbatim. I’m going to pick up some 2.4x and see if that makes a difference.