BenQ DW1620 Dead, thanks Acer! :)

Well after all the great reviews of the BenQ DW1620 I figured I’d pick one up and give it a spin, but I got burned :slight_smile:

Worked about 80% for the first 3 weeks, every once in awhile it’d crap out and ruin a disk, much more frequently than my trusty old Lite-On LDW-401s . Now the BenQ won’t even read a disc at all, regular DVDs, blank dvds, written dvds, or any kind of CD.

Tried the drive in 2 different systems, an SiS648 Pentium 4 setup, and a nForce4 athlon 64 setup and same problem, just blinks the green “accessing” light for a minute, then just goes dark with all media. Tried upgrading the firmware, no luck, downgrading firmware, no luck. Oh well

Trying to get an RMA now from BenQ (newegg doesn’t exchange them), but getting stuck in a “leave a message” loop then it disconnects me :slight_smile:

Well just thought i’d share my experience for others out there, the drive is made in china, December 2004 for those interested, newegg OEM model.

i think newegg has a bad batch of benq’s.

i’ve gotten 2 bad ones from them now and been reading about other people with the same problem.

buy local.

hasn’t there also been a quality issue with OEM drives in the past? i think i remind i read something like this about the 1620…

mine were both retail versions.