BenQ DW1620 CVT Firmware

Hey guys was surfing and found some new firmwares for the BenQ 1620 OEM.

I was surfing intending to find the CVT firmwares to flash my oem to a retail as I notice some burn quality issues with the G7Z9 installed in the burner.

I found some weird firmwares on that site, M2.1, M1.6 and M1.4. What are these?

I have posted all the firmwares and the utilities on this page, so those that do not want to sign up dont have to.

If anyone can do some testing with the M firmwares and see which one provides quality results (I would, but I do not know how to do these).

Take care!

Link once again:

Cool, nice selection, every version is there, just dont know who the author is?? Too bad there is no note attached to each firmware.

Hi :slight_smile:
I wonder if these files come from here. :cool:
Maybe hoppy has something to do with them. Certainly get more info @ this site. :iagree: :bigsmile:

yes that is the site I quoted (read first line please).

But I checked the site and couldn’t find any information regarding these firmwares, just the download it self.

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I know where you got the files, My point being, that hoppy could answer your query. :smiley:

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Here’s a clue.

And HERE you’ll get an answer… :smiley:
[B]M[/B] stands for MSI rebadged 1620 firmware.

MSI firmwares are “G” (generic) type and not at all that good as BenQ’s “B” series.
BTW, with some luck you’ll also be able to find some I/O Magic 1620 firmwares, if you dig deep enough. :bigsmile:

soo what is the best firmware to load ? I put on M2.1 and burnt a few dvds, and nothing bad about them, it works in dvd players I put it in.

Soo overall which is the best firmware?

B7W9 is the latest. But I think a lot of people prefer earlier version. I think B7W9 has a very aggressive WOPC that cuts back on the burn speed quite a bit. I like B7V9 a lot better.

Okie dokie I took your word on B7V9 and just flashed to it.

Gonna do a few burns and see.

off the bat I notice the B7V9 is slow :S but then again I’m burning on a 4x dvd I have had sitting here for quite some time.

But I think its slower then the M and G7Z9 I had on the drive before.

How slow? You need to be more spesific. In any case, the B firmware support will be much better.

I am a newbie and technically a little bit dumb.

I have a DW 1620 BenQ DVD re-writer (OEM) with FW ver G7H9. This hardware was identified to be ATAPI DVD DD 2x16x4x16.

I got the firmware updated to G7V9, and I am eager to learn how I can upgrade to the official BenQ B7xx firmwares. Unfortunately the well-spoken unofficial BenQ technical support website is no longer there. Now I found this thread and a suggested link for the BenQ CVT firmware and utilities ( but I have great problem in reviewing or downloading any application software from that website for consideration. If I am not mistaken, there is no download available at this moment.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

download the 1620 exe files then use BQFLASHER to crossflash your drive to the official BENQ 1620 firmwares.

download the BQFLASHER from that above thread. then download the official BENQ 1640 exe firmwares from the other link.

download the wnaspi132.dll from the nero site and copy it to the BQFLASHER folder. flash the drive in safemode if you prefer. make sure there’s no disc in the drive and turn off any software running in the background. this is why i just flash in safemode because you don’t have the antivirus and other stuff loading in safemode. open up BQFLASHER and follow the prompts>direct it to where your BENQ 1620 exe firmware is at then flash away. it will tell you when the flashing is done then just reboot pc.

Should read …BENQ 1620 exe, I hope. :wink:
Just follow the first link and forget DW1640 ever was mentioned.

How to be a FLASHER, a very nice guide for all kind of flashing by zebadee. :clap:

I have the same drive and I used BENQCVT from TDB with B7V9.CVT from You just need to put these two files on a floppy and follow the instructions included with the flasher (use a boot floppy to get into DOS first). :slight_smile:

:o Yes it should have read 1620 exe! Thanks Pinto! :slight_smile:

Many thanks for all the quick responses and helpful tips.

I followed DVD-ADDICT’s advice and use the downloaded BQFLASHER together with wnaspi132.dll from the nero site, and cross-flashed the FW to B7V9. Now my DVD drive is corrrectly recognized as BENQ DVD DD DW1620 by the MS Device manager and other utility tools.

I am very happy with this little experiment and grateful for all the tremendous and speedy help that poured in from all the knowledgeable members.

BTW, is B7V9 better than the newest version B7W9?

Again, my thanks to all that contributed! :wink:

I’m using B7W9 and it seems to work quite well. I suppose you could always down-flash back to B7V9 if you found any difference that caused you concern.

It would depend on what brands of dvd media that you’re using. With Benq burners you can flash your drive to the latest firmware then flash it back to a older one without any problems then flash it back to a newer firmware as well. For my 1620’s I have one drive with B7V9 & the other with B7W9. IMHO the B7W9 seems to burn DVD-R media better than B7V9.