BenQ DW1620 "bulk" Drive Firmware question

I will be getting my drive “Thursday” from and I got the “bulk”

Is this correct that I have to use the “bulk” firmware from here?

Also do both Bulk and non-Bulk firmwares come out at the same time?

What else might I need to know??


I’d wait to see what you actually get.
You might actually get a BenQ brand and have the B* series firmware.
I had an IO/Magic drive that had the B* series firmware.
I have since exchanged it for a retail BenQ.

So far when they have released a new firmware they have put the G* series up with it.

I will check what is has when I get it.


I got mine from Banana PC and it had the “B” version firmware. There’s also a conversion hack (in this forum) to take G version firmware DW1620 and converts it to a B version firmware. I’d wait to make sure you’re burner operating correctly before using the hack, although I’d expect yours to come with the B firmware.

I got mine today from Banana PC and it has “B” firmware and what a drive BestBuy 8X fuji’s @ 16X just under 6 min to burn Van Helsing and its perfect…

My BenQ just showed up (at work). I took a look at the back and it says

DW1620 oc3 August 04

under the bar code it has the numbers B7C9 , so it looks like a got a drive with the B firmware.

I will check with dvdinfopro when I get home and get it put in.

I hope to post some scans Fri.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me out.