BenQ DW1620 blink red/green

Is it normal for the BenQ DW1620 to blink red and green while writing? Or should it blink red all the time?

If it constantly blinks red and green while writing I believe you have a problem with the media you are using. Try different media, see if it still happends.
While reading, the drive should blink green.
While writing , the drive should blink red.

Thanks :wink:
Would a few green flashes every now and then still be ok? Even with this constand red/green blinking the disk is still usable - but probably not for long. It is realy cheap crappy media I have atm, doesn’t even have a media code :o

It blinks greeen when there is a slow down in the burning caused by something. Are you doing something thats slowing down your machine while burning?

Its the buffer under run kicking in if theres a problem and like said when it adjust the burn with the WOPC it’ll do that also, so if it’s just every so often just the drive slowing for a sec to adjust itself to the media basicly.
Do a test burn in Nero sometime and watch the graph and see what the light does :wink: