BenQ DW1620 black

Ok I was planning on ordering my 1620 this week BUT newegg isn’t getting any in until who knows when.

I need a good place in the US to get this drive and I need to pay by paypal.

Please help me out, I have been googling all day and fingers hurt :slight_smile:


Try here
They also accept paypal

I was hoping to get a Black one to match my system, I see they are also out of stock on Black until Monday (estimated).

I will hold my hourses then :slight_smile:


my 1600 (now 1620) came with a black and a white front.

Ahh interesting, I will have to see if they all come with that or maybe I can buy a black front.


I order my biege one from for $80 free ground. Bulk version/no software/has the B series firmware/plain faceplate. They have black.

Just ordered mine. How is bananapc and their shipping? as quick as newegg?

As I recall, it went out the next business day and I went with free ground. I recieved it around the 4th workday as you would expect.

I came across THIS while I was surfing, shipping seems kind of high, but if you got to have it.
Good Luck.

Just order from Newegg or Banana PC if they dont have the color you want, then go to walmart and spend .99 on some testors modle paint. It works good. JUST MAKE SURE YOUR DRIVE WORKS BEFORE YOU PAINT! I have done this to many face plates. it’s easy to do as long as you take your time. with taking off the face plate from the drive.

Don’t paint it if you’re concerned 'bout warranty…

I had a friend order it from Bananapc for me, 2 day shipping so I should get it Wed.

thanks everyone for the input.

I ordered the beige model from BananaPC last Wednesday. I paid $11 extra for the 2nd day air shipment, and received it on Friday afternoon. It does use the “B” series firmware, in case that matters.