BenQ DW1620 - BAD RESULTS - Please help me



Sorry for my first post which i composed in German. …I was so angered about my burner…
So, I will try to write it again. Now in English :slight_smile:

Foremost: Hello to all people here in this forum,

I’m a new member, and my first thread her is already a sad one. I own a BenQ DW1620 with firmware B7W9 (without riplock).
After checking some recently burned DVDs with Nero speed, i noticed the bad quality. Ok, maybe the volumes are not so good… so i went into the store today and bought new Verbatim DVDs. VERY EXPENSIVE !! TOP, 16x certified. Har har har… All burns I have done so far with them looked like the burn displayed in the picture below. Very BAD results, especially the PI errors.
You are my last hope. Please help me to solve this disaster.

I have tried so far:

Software side:
Nero [PI Errors beginning from 200 !!!]
CDBurnerXP Pro [much less PI Errors than Nero, but still to many. => See Picture (burned by CDBurnerXP)]

Hardware side:
Burner separately on secondary bus as master
Burner sure in UDMA2 !
Firmware tested: [B7T9, B7W9, B7L9, P3.6 Philips. Each with and without riplock]
Hard disc separately on primary bus as master in UDMA5

Nothing has helped so far.

Please help me with this crap.


PS: I searched the whole forum, and tried everything i have found, but nothing helps so far.
PPS: Harddisk is in UDMA-5 mode (only drive on primary bus)
PPPS: I use round UDMA-133 cables. Is it possible that this causes the PI errors ??? Are flat cables better ?

And, what are PI errors exactly ? Can they really be affected by Software like i discoverd with NERO vs. CDBurnerXP Pro ? Or was this just by chance ?


The Benq should scan at 8x not 4x. So rescan at the correct speed.

What speed did you burn these at? Hopefully at 12x or 16x.

Round cables should be fine.


have you try B7V9


Hello Tim,
thanks for your fast reply.

I just rescanned the media at 8x. Here is the result:

The disk was burned at 16x speed. With lower speed i get funnily enough much more PI Errors.


Yes i tried the B7V9 firmware. Nearly tried every firmware from B7L9 => B7W9 & Philips P3.6 …flashing & burning the whole afternoon :Z
Now nearly 13 of my 25 new Verbatim discs are in the trash can :a



I have the feeling that your Verbatim media is not the best batch.

Does it play well in your standalone dvd player?

Where is the country of origin of the Verbatims, ie Made in Singapore, Taiwan, Luxemburg, or India? Many members reported that the quality of Made in India Verbatims varies a lot.


Verbatim is very good but not very consistense try yuden, 1620 like 8x or lower you may want to buy lower speed media


Am I missing something here or what? Both quality test scores were 97. What more could you want?



Yes but the PI Errors are appalling high and would result in the disc visiting the waste bin.


Before assuming too many things please try a basic trouble shooting strategy.
1- use a different reader to scan your burns. always use more than one drive otherwise you’ll never know if your burns are bad.
2- put your burner in another machine, burn & scan. again, use two different drives to scan.
Cut down the possibilities. Some burners are horrible scanners, that’s just how it goes. It’s logical to find out what’s at fault before wasting all your discs.


I’ve just burned a MCC 03RG20, branded Ridisc 8x , for a friend on my 1620. The result was similar to yours when scanned on the 1620 but OK when scanned on my Liteon 1635S.

Maybe it just doesn’t particularly like this media but that would surprise me as it’s a pretty popular media ID.


What are the PSU specs (name) and how many drives are installed??


Hello again.

I still did not solve my problem. :sad:
I will try to answer some asked questions now:

a) I don’t have another PC here to test the burner in.
b) The burner is the only Disc-Drive in my PC. No additional drive to scan the media.
c) Where can i see the origin of my media ?
d) I’ve done another test with a MCC003 DVD+R media. Here are the results:

I’m confused. What is better ?

  1. Lower PI-Errors and more PI-Failures (nearly doubled compared to the MCC03RG20 DVD-R media)

  2. Higher PI-Errors and lower PI-Failures ?


Iawina. Do you have friends with different burners? If so try and scan the discs in theirs. If you also have a friend who is good with PCs yyou could ask them to fit your burner in their PC and try it there.

Generally it should be on the packaging of the media with Verbs, but you only get the country of origin for example where I am in the UK I can only get MIT (Made In Tiwan) Verbs.

Answer chefs questions please.

Can you do a transfere rate test of those media? Especially the last one as it seems to stop short of the full amount of data.

As a side note, click on the little floppy icon in CD speed and save them as png format. Use the manage attachments option in “Go advanced” posting option and upload the image that way. It gives a better quality pic for us to look at.


Ok, here comes the Benchmark

Now there are 3 options:

  1. Problem can be corrected
  2. Use drive as simple DVD-Reader-Drive and buy a USB2.0 Harddisc to store my data on.
  3. Buy a new burner… NO BENQ

What do you think ?


PS: What are PSU specs, and where can i find them ?


PSU 420W Silentmaxx ProSilence Goldedition


Ok. Here are some news:

  • Scanned the Medium in a BenQ DW1655
    …PI Errors started here with >300 :eek:

  • Changed IDE Cable to flat cable
    …no result. As bad as bevore

Next step:
BenQ ==> Trash Bin


I assume the BenQ DW1655 was in another computer as well.
So there are two possibilities: bad media (2 times, but maybe from a shop that has bought from a bad source… depends on which shop and where you are located) or a bad drive. A bad system setup would probably result in different problems (low speed, not high sustained error count). So if you are sure the media cannot be bad (try burning them in that BenQ 1655), get another drive.
Best of luck!


Does Qsuite work with the 1620? If so do you have it and is solid burn on?

How many drives do you have installed? This includes hdd as well as optical.

BenQ are generally a very good drive. Though as with any manufacturer you do get bad ones and duds, it happens to them all. You may have been unfortunate and got one of the bad ones.

You said the media was scanned in a 1655. Have you tried burning one of the discs in that drive? This should rule out whether or not you have actually got a bad batch of media, which happens with the best of firms. What you have said about the results is not that good info wise an image of the scan would have been better.


Solidburn only works with 164* and 165* drives! :rolleyes:

I think TP better [I]disables[/I] WOPC. :wink:


Back again with some amazing results:

My friend and I made 3 Test-Burns

a) MCC03RG20 DVD-R on BenQ1655 (12x recording) [Not on my PC]

The next drive was my friends old drive which i installed in my PC as sec. Master:
b) MCC03RG20 DVD-R on NEC ND1100 [flashed to ND1300 1.0C] (4x recording [max])
!!!This in originaly NO DVD-R drive !!!
c) MCC03 DVD+R on NEC ND1100 [flashed to ND1300 1.0C] (4x recording [max])

I scanned ALL three MEDIA after burning in my BenQ1620 and here are the results:

a) Nearly as bad as my previous results with my BenQ, so… have a look at the pictures above :slight_smile:
This may indicate that the batch is not good. BUT look at this:
b) Stunning, but true: Same media as I used (from the same batch):

I say it another time: THIS NEC drive is not originally for DVD-R media. This is only possible be flashing it to an ND1300 1.0C… and event then the DVD-R support is not so great. But the burn seems to be better than the DW1620 & DW1655 results on the same media, isn’t it ?

c) Used a DVD+R media in this, originally, DVD+R burner shows this, bad, result:

What do you think about that reuslts ? Is it really a hardware problem of my BenQ1620 ?? according to the NEC Scan with DVD+R media i do not hink so. Because it is nearly as bad as the burns on my BenQ1620 with the DVD-R and DVD+R media.

Greetings, Silke

PS: Also tried with WOPC OFF, but the result shows me that I better should turn WOPC On again