Benq DW1620 - B7K9 Firmware is out!

Mitsubishi 8x DVD-R @ 12x, B7K9 f/w.

smooth transfer graph on the BenQ

Not too shabby for - overspeed. :iagree:

Anyway this is a 4hrs burn at 0.25x PIO mode. :eek: I flashed my BenQ & it became PIO mode upon rebooting. lol, forgotten to check. :o Luckily i didn’t stop it & it’s a darn slow but good burn!!! :bow:

Philips 8x DVD-R (CMC) @ 0.25x, Not bad for a disc with thousands of buffer underrun prevented eh? The transfer graph is smooth too on the BenQ. :iagree:

That’s why mine kids have a Gamecube :iagree:

mhh, must be doing something wrong, my kids do have a gamecube.
Maybe i should get an extra tv for the gamecube only :wink: (and some more games)

On the european support site there now are two versions off the B7K9 firmware. One bulk/oem-version and one retailversion.

mhhh, i still have to use the B7K9, i got a logo.

That’s odd. What would be the difference?

Where are all the tests?

Pinan waits for other gueni pigs to try +R first Heh

my philips c08 does not seem like it will be burnt at 12x with any 1620 fw. oh well.

Maybe some OEMS have G string firmwares and the newest B string firmware won’t upgrade over a G.

I’m waiting on others to test also.

Delete ide drivers at hardware
after reboot, windows will install ide drivers again and ask for a reboot
i didn’t reboot, but flashed the drive
and after flash did a reboot :smiley:

if i start the flash util now, it does see the benq :wink:

thIS firmware is da bomb!
Since i went from 1600@1620 i had only probs with my benq, i thought it was faulty. Coaster after coaster, bad burns, errors, locking, you name it.

After this K firmware, everything work perfect, no wait, its better than perfect!

Here is scan I did on my nu tech 082 of a 3.8gb 1620 burn on b7k9

media fujifilm 8x DVD-R at 12x

nero video disk burn.

burn time 5 minutes 51 seconds

@KenW : What a high number of POF-errors (4576).

That looks like a very good recording considering it is recorded at 12x (50% past its rated speed of 8x).
On a writer that is known for its +R and not -R burning this is great!
I struggle to get scans like that with my fuji 03 philips branded recording at 8x on Pioneer 108 and NEC 3500. Just had to RMA my benq 1600@1620 else i would test this myself


Just ignore the POF errors , this is test build of future dvdinfopro ,I’m one of the authors beta testers, its bug in counters there are no POF errors.

Im scanning the same disk with nero speed3.30 will post that scan next, you will see that the POF will be zero as it should be, Im glad you pointed this out I had not noticed it. I will report this error to NicW, so he can correct it.

Thanks kenW for explaining the POF-bug in DVDinfoPro. BTW that’s a great burn for a Benq on -r media.


As in all beta testing sometimes you dont see something if your not looking for it, that dvdinfo build was to fix random error on nu scans that the drive would stop for no reason before the scan was complete so I was not looking at the values of errors at the bottom but to see if it went all the way across, now that you pointed out the POF reporting problem we will look into it. :slight_smile:

BTW I have to say BenQ 1620 fw has come long way maybe not as good as pioneer 108D or a08xl but much better then first 1620 fw. Now if only 1620 could overspeed 4x media to 8x, the 822 does but it seems benQ decided to only overspeed 8x to 12x or 16x and not play with 4x, on the 1620. :a

So Ken does that mean you’re tried some 4x with the new firmware?

ya 4x is 4x
but some 8x is 12x or 16x

According to this one chart on the first posting there are two 4xs that will burn at 8x and 12x, MCC 002 and TY T01 respectively, but I quess they added no others.

So how do you rank your burners?