Benq DW1620 - B7K9 Firmware is out!

B7K9 -Modified the writing strategy for plus & minus media. :smiley:

CMC & MCC 8x DVD-R can do 12x now :smiley:

Will be burning later.

On the european support site there is only B7K9 and no B7J9?? Wich one is better J or K??

K is newer, get it.

Strange that both K and J released on same day o-O
I think ill go for the K release from euro site if someone dont convince me otherwise :slight_smile:
Need to wait for my IDE controller card though, before I can install my Benq again.

B7K9 is now official at benq main page too

Edited the thread and opening post with new title and release info for B7K9

Yes! With the B7K9 I now can burn my 4x cdrw :bow: Couldn’t burn them with previous firmwares. :confused:

and again my drive won’t flash :frowning:
uninstalled alcohol, disconnected all my other opticals but the flashtools just doesnt see my 1600@1620, tried both firmwares. Only B5G9 does see the drive (old 1600 firmware)

have you used any of the leaked firmware before

nope, bought my drive almost the same day as the official 1600 to 1620 firmware came out.
had a lot of problems with that firmware, but it worked after i uninstalled alcohol.

Do you have ANY usb devices connected?

I have to disconnect ALL usb devices to be able to flash - don’t ask me why.

It may also be caused by crappy IDE drivers like nforce IDE drivers if you have an nforce chipset or intel application accelerator if you have an intel chipset.

:frowning: Still doesn’t work with my Maxell 4x -R (MXL RG02) discs. Burning process failed in the half way. I don’t remember the detailed error message though.

BTW, my drive is an OEM version of 1600@1620 by digital research. Bought from OD last month.

Is it already flashed to 1600@1620?

It came with B5C9 for 1600. I flashed it myself to B7H9 1620, and then to B7K9 today.

unplugging al usb (except my mouse) isn’t working.
i will try to un install the ide drivers later.


this could sound lame but try this right click on flasher then properties, then compatablity tab, the set it to win98/me this has worked for people with flashing problems on xp before.

I will try everything :wink:
Will uninstall the nforce ide drivers first and if that doesn’t work i try youre trick.

Already mailed M. Geers from benq for more tips, i hope he has a good tip
(the last time with the 1600 to 1620 firmware probs he had none)

Dear Sir,

There seems to be a problem with your windows/software installation ,
because we have not encountered this behaviour with other users. It’s known
that the Nforce drivers can sometimes cause problems , using the default
microsoft drivers can solve the problem in that case. Also it is not advised
to have multiple burnprograms on one pc because they can mess up the registry . Removing just the program ( like alcohol ) won’t help anymore. If the IDE and Filter
settings in the registry are damaged , than somtimes it will help to remove
the DVDRewriter from the system , and have it detected again on another IDE
Controller port. Have you tried the DVDRewriter in another computer ?
Sometimes also a mainboard system bios upgrade will help.

With kind regards,

Michel Geers

If uninstalling the ide drivers don’t work i think i have to go to my neighbour :wink:
Reinstalling xp is something i don’t like doing (because of all the kids-games i have to reinstall).

Thats why we only play console games in this house :stuck_out_tongue: