Benq DW1620 - B7K9 Firmware is out!

B7K9 is out!!

Release Reason:

  1. Modified the writing strategy for DVD+R & DVD-R media.
  2. Update media list.

Media List:

Support DVD+R DL (Double Layer) media:

  1. Mitsubishi (MKM 001)
  2. Ritek (D01)
  3. Philips (CD2)

Support 16x DVD+R media:

  1. BenQ/ Daxon (DAXON AZ3)
  2. Philips (C16)
  3. Mitsubishi (MCC 004)
  5. Prodisc (PRODISC R04)
  6. Prodisc (PRODISC R05)
  7. Maxell (MAXELL 003)
  8. Ricoh (RICOHJPN R03)
  9. Ritek (RITEK R04)
  10. SONY (SONY D21)
  11. TDK (TDK 003)
  12. CMC (CMCMAG M01)
  13. BeAll (BeAll PG0)
  14. MBI (MBIPG101 R05)
  15. MUST (MUST 006)
  16. Nanya (NANYA FLX)
  17. Optodisc (OPTODISC F16)

For 8x DVD+R media which is able to write at 16x:

  1. BenQ/ Daxon (DAXON AZ2)
  2. LeadData (LD S03)
  3. SONY (SONY D11)
  4. TDK (TDK 002)
  6. Ricoh (RICOHJPN R02)

For 8x DVD+R media which is able to write at 12x:

  1. Umedisc (AML 002)
  2. BeAll (BEALL000 P80)
  3. EDD (DT-D03 004)
  4. Infodisc (INFODISC R20)
  5. Infomedia (INFOME R20)
  6. Maxell (MAXELL 002)
  7. MBI (MBIPG101 R04)
  8. Mitsubishi (MCC 003)
  9. NANYA (CLX)
  10. NANYA (CHX)
  11. Philips (PHILIPS 081)
  12. Plasmon (PLASMON1 C01)
  13. Prodisc (PRODISC R03)
  14. Ritek H02 type (RITEK R03)
  15. Ritek CH1 type (RITEK R03)
  16. WingSing (WINGSHIN 001)
  17. MJC (MJC 003)

Support 16x DVD-R media:

  1. BeAll (BeAll G16001)
  2. CMC (CMC MAG AM3)
  3. Mitsubishi (MCC 03 RG20)
  4. Maxell (MXL RG04)
  5. Optodisc (OPTODISC R016)
  6. Sony (SONY 16D1)
  7. TDK (TTH02)

For 8x DVD-R media which is able to write at 16x:

  1. BenQ/ Daxon (DAXON0 08S)
  2. SONY (SONY08 D1)

For 8x DVD-R media which is able to write at 12x:

  1. BeAll (BeAll G40001)
  2. CMC (CMC MAG AE1)
  3. Fujifilm (FUJIFILM 03)
  4. Mitsubishi (MCC 02 RG20)
  5. Maxell (MXL RG 03)
  6. Prodisc (Prodisc S04)
  7. Prodisc (Prodisc F01)
  8. Ritek (RITEK RG06)

NOTICE! Superior quality disc is recommended for high speed writing!

Get it here:

You sure are fast. :smiley: :iagree:

Thanks, done.

Scans! Yes, I did some. Just so we could see, can this fw burn -r 8x at 12x and the answer is, at least on media I have, it can.

benQ 1600@1620 Fw B7J9

speed3.30 create data disk

media fujifilm dvd-r 8x fujifilm03 burned at 12x


Great first post! :slight_smile:


Looks like the DVD-R quality has improved. I never got scans like that even at 4x.


I have to say after all the stuff lately about 1600@1620 is not as good as real 1620 and others saying BS, I was not sure what would happen. But as I could never burn this media on B7H9 fw even at 4x with out a coaster. I have to say Im very pleased.

Now what we need to see is -R 16x burn, sad to say I only have one 8x -R media and its only 12x in the new fw. And as no one has posted new list of media and speeds for this fw yet, I would not even have clue what to buy.

This is not full disk but it is burned on 1620 and the new B7J9 fw

media tdk dvd-R 4x TTg01 at 4x

Well guys I love to try fw letters past whats showing to see if there is something more you know so I found this little slice of heaven for use also.

OMG, that sure is fast. :bow:

Here’s the description of the firmware from BenQ:

Release Reasons:

  1. Fixed SecuRom protected games cannot be played after installed
  2. Fixed DVD-RW disc cannot be recoginzed by Nero that created by Nero.
  3. Fixed DVD-RW disc cannot be formatted by Roxio DirectCD.

B7J9 or B7K9

And what are the first results with the B7K9 ?

That’s from B7J9, I think B7K9 is still unofficial.


I’m at 35% give me few minutes ok :cool:


Ok here is K fw scan It is possible that the large difference at end is not fw but the randomness of the media, I have had this media burn good one disk and bad the next, so till some others do test I would not say K fw is bad just yet.

Ok well looks like fujifiilm03 is just not to great a quality

here is 8x burn of the same media also on B7K9


benQ EU has posted B7K9 on 1620 fw page.

A point on the fujifilm -R 8x, this media only burns at 8x or 6x on my other dvdrw drives, so the fact that both the J and K fw on 1620 at 12x burn it so so, is kind of par for course I think.

Thnx, nice to see -R is getting better.

Is the BenQ DW1620 becoming an alternative to NEC 3500A?

Wow, thanks. So that’s also final firmware now.

Now I am tempted to do a personal first of flashing a burner twice without burning anything in between. :lol: