BenQ dw1620 and xbox images

Last friday I’ve bought a benq dw1620. But so far I havent been able to get a properly burnt xbox game. I’ve used a nashua and philips +rw disc. The discs get recognised by the xbox but it cant find the name of the game in the xbe file. When I burn the same images with a 4speed philips burner they work fine. Anyone esle had this problem, or knows a fix?

Try to burn it on a dvd+r instead of an rw.

or even try -r media. bestbuy selling fuji dvd-r 50 pack for $20 try 8x burn and 4x burn.
officemax has spin-x dvd-r 50 pack for $15, its 4x media. -r i think works best in xbox. if you want to use +r don’t forget to bitset it.