BenQ DW1620 and disc test

Hello all

I have just flashed my new drive to G7P9 and I would like to use the disc quality test in Nero

For some reason it will only let me do it with CD and not DVD

Do I need a certain version

I have Nero SE OEM that came with my friends Sony DRU 700A

Any advice please


You may want to download a later Nero CD DVD Speed (think latest is 3.61) from and try again.
Could you tell me whether your drive also is “Made in Malaysia”, October 2004 ?
IIRC another person with a Malaysia DW1620 had problems with DVD and was only able to write CDs…

Good luck!

The issue is that the version of Nero you are using is “SE” , or Sony Edition which means that it only works with a Sony DVD burner. If you get an activation key, it will allow you to burn using any burner brand. There are a few floating around out there…

good luck 8^)