Benq DW1620 and Benq EW162I

Sorry…I am new here… I had a Benq EW162I which I bought months ago. It has the firmware of 47O9. I found on the net that there is a 47P9 firmware which I downloaded and flashed it. I find this firmware not suitable for my drive and I got error while burning disc/benchmarking the drive. I posted this question @ other forum and someone suggested me to flash Benq DW1620’s firmware. I am just wondering, will it works?

Benq DW1620(Internal) firmware -> Benq EW162I(External) drive?

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You can flash the drive with the internal firmware, but this will probably not solve the problem you have. Open a new thread in the benq forum and describe in detail what you did, which software and media you use and which error message you have got. Reading the Benq FAQ might also help.