BENQ DW1620 16x Burn

Have you checked the “Maximum DVD Speed” option under File-> Options -> Transfer Rate screen?

Is it set for 16?

Also take a look at the “discinfo” screen and if it truely says the media supports 16x.

If these are set correctly… then you may have a flaky batch.

many ppl hav hit 16x with yudent02.
is ur yudent02 fake?

I checked all options, and they are set right.
Here are a couple of scans the first one is fron CD Speed disc info, the second from DVDInfopro.

Burn No 21 hope every burn on TY OEM is like this…somehow this pc managed to do 16x
Format : DVD+R 8X TY OEM ( Acca Products )
Media : YUDEN000-T02-00 @MAX speed
Software : Nero
Data : ISO file : 4.408GB
Time took : 5:56…yeah…16x …

kprobe: no need to say more…look at it…

Burn No 22
Format : DVD+R 8X Pink strip
Media : MCC003 @MAX speed
Software : Nero
Data : ISO file : 4.445GB
Time took : 6:31…yeah…12x :iagree: :iagree:

kprobe : better than ty…knnn…new firmware really do wonders for BenQ… :eek: :bigsmile:how many PIF cnt do i see??..

Gage R&R(Repeatability and Reproducibility) test…see can repeat or not

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kekeke a bit of six sigma for you ppl

Burn No 23
Format : DVD+R 8X Pink strip
Media : MCC003 @MAX speed
Software : Nero
Data : ISO file : 4.458GB
Time took : 6:29…yeah…12x (Burn 22 Time :6:31)

kprobe : …kekekeke…repeated…PIF cnt 17!!!

CD Speed disc info with a blank TY02

I don’t believe they are fake, but I don’t know.
They are Fuji branded 8X DVD+R
How can I tell for sure?

Assuming that the media is real TY02, what would be giving me these results?

my benq is set as master…and ide drivers using default windows drivers…

The Disc Info screen is missing the Recording Speeds. If you have another type of media, you might want to see if it shows the recording speeds.

I am by no means an expert, but I would think that CD Speed needs that info to burn correctly.

Or they may be fake TY as mentioned earlier.

The scan in post #27 shows that Disc Info does have this information.

The scan you are refering to shows the disc already burned in create a disc.

I stand corrected. I was able to achieve a 16X write speed with Fuji branded 8X DVD+R TY02.
I had another cake box unopened so I tried those. They seem to do the job.
I must of got some bad discs.

One thing I did notice, in my first scan showing the media only getting to 12X, it wrote in P-CAV. When I did get to 16X it wrote in CAV. Can anyone explain?