BENQ DW1620 16x Burn

Writer: BenQ DW1620
Firmware: B7K9
Media: TDK 8x DVD+R47DCB25 (25 pak)
Burn Speed: 16x
Burn Time: 5:48


Transfer graph…

Not sure if this media is up to 16x with high quality.
May be more suitable at 12x.
Have only tested this one disc, bought at BB and need to decide on this one wether to keep or return…
What do you think?

Looks pretty good to me. You really disappointed in the graphs?

I think if it’s better at 12x I’d be very happy. 30 sec slower is nothing.

My 1620 loves TY T02’s at 12x. Not near as good at 16x. I love them. :wink:

i think u got great burn!

No, I’m not disappointed in the graphs.
I think they are quite good considering the media is oversped to twice it’s certified speed.
I’m more looking for opinion wether people have seen or done better with the RICOHJPNR02 media.


Excellent stuff you got. BTW which month is the BenQ DW1620 made?

August 2004

my MSI DR16-B also manufactured in August 2004

I have run some of this media at 12x on the 1620.
Much more “even” result.

Do you know how much longer was your 12x burn time from the 16x burn? I suspect 45 seconds or so.

16x burn time = 5:48
12x burn time = 6:32


can’t wait till next week when I get my 1620

BenQ DW1620 FW B7L9
RICOHJPN R02 @ 16x
Format Capacity 3.97GB
End Burn Speed 14.3x
Burn Time 5:38

Sorry, if this has been asked before.

Is the MSI DR16B a rebadged Benq 1620?

yes …

my benq dw1620 made in September 2004

Thanks for the confirmation, yangxi.

On BenQ DW1620 :

Burn No 15:
Format : DVD+R 8X That’s Media
Media : YUDEN000-T02-00 @MAX speed
Software : Nero
Data : ISO file : 4.36 GB
Time took : 5:51…Yeeah 16X…

I sure would like to know how you guys are achieving 16X write speed with YUDEN000T02. I have tried several times with the 1620(B7L9) It will only reach 12X.
I see in DVDInfopro the disc is capable of 16X, at least that what it says.
But when I try to burn a DVD video using Nero 63125 it will reach 12.1X and that’s it.
Here is a scan of CD Speed Create a disc with YUDEN000T02 set at 16X, it got up to 12X and leveled right off. I really don’t think this media is capable of a 16X burn.