BENQ DW1620.0C3 bulk drive firmware

I just purchased two black bulk BENQ DW1620.0C3 drives with G7C9 firmware and mfng. date of August 2004. They are coded on label as G7-AA0C9B 0A G7C9. They recognize all DVD-R media as maximum 2.4x with Nero Recode. Even Maxell DVD+RW 4x is 2.4x. What gives? Also the main firmware I see out there is B7H9 and I don’t know whether that is newer or older than mine or only for the retail version. I tried to upgrade to it and it refused. Can anyone help me on this? I haven’t tried DVD+R media yet.

B7H9 is the latest 1620 firmware as I know, but I thought the B7G9 was before that one. G7C9 ive never heard of. Im curious to see what firmware this is so im gonna keep following this thread.

As for DVD-R, so far all firmwares suck with writing dvd-r, but its a firmware around the corner that will fix this.

They recognize 4 different DVD-R media at their maximum including 8x ritek when I upgraded to Nero 63125. The main firmware I see out there is B7H9 and I think my G7C9 is newer as it sees all DVD-R I have thrown at it with the latest Nero. Is the OEM animal totally different from the retail box? I have emailed BENQ but no response yet. Now I am very pleased.

Mine had an August date with B7G9.

was yours OEM or Retail?

very interesting. I too will follow this thread to see what comes about this firmware. perhaps it was used at their labs and got shipped accidently. hmmm

I picked these drives up in Ottawa at a Wholesaler, Comtronic Computer Inc. (I am a small retailer) and put them in external USB 2.0 enclosures. They work perfectly. I may have to remove them and put them internally to flash the firmware. The front of these units look like the 1600 or 1610 with the large button and rectangular drawer, but they are definitely 1620’s. Still no response from BENQ, not happy with their support. When I supply a client with hardware I usually burn the latest firmware for them before I ship. I don’t like to deal with a product that is not supported properly from the manufacturer.

have you tried dvdinfo or nero info tool to try identify what firmware is currently installed?

Yes they verify G7C9

Mine is just like yours, bulk version, and with a large button and looks like the 1600/1610. You could post in the offical BenQ forum at the global site under service&support. In case I put mine in an external enclosure, what external chipset is working for you with this burner?

This is very interesting to me as well, because mine is a iomajic IDVD12DD wich is suppose to be 12x but the drive label says BENQ DW1620-0C1 firmware is also G7C9. I tried using the new BENQ firm but it says not compatible with current drive…

I have not had any problems with TDK,fuji,iomation,memorex and phillips media ( all + format though )…

Just kinda curious whats so differnt that i cant use benq firmware on a benq drive ?


Benq globle website is now hosting 1620 fw B7J9 I have posted some scans on the B7J9 thread on this forum.

i/o magic drive then i/o magic oem fw possible.
will probably need hacked fw to flash with benq fw. good thing digital research didn’t do this.

My bet is that these drives are BENQ DW1620’s made for IOMAGIC. In Nero when I use any DVD-R media it tries to set the book setting to -ROM and then scraps the disc. Any DVD+R media I have tried works perfectly. Now that the B7K9 has been released (BENQ answered my email and sent it to me and told me to update my firmware) I tried to burn the firmware and got Drive not Support message. I replied to BENQ tech support again informing them and am awaiting their answer. I traced all of these drives back to Comtronics Computer Inc. (an Ottawa Wholesaler).
Boomadge, Where did you get your drive? Was it retail?

You have the latest version of Nero?

Yes, I have the latest Nero.

Fan, the tech at Comtronics is looking into it and is following this thread.

Yes retail it is, east coast circuitcity is where it was purchased. I also can not get any - media to burn correctly…Drive info attached…

Hopefully there is or will be a fix for the drive issues…

That is the same as mine

I havent looked at the lastest Benq firmware, but B7H9 had the same firmware check string as 800s and 822s fw have. If your firmware starts with G instead of B the firmware will not let you update. That could be easily fixed.