BENQ DW162- the same as 1620?



Hi… My Kyphermedia just died i need a replacement, quick!
I was considering the Plextor 716 (plextor has a seal of high quality to it), but there seems to be some problems with CD recognition, which is very important to me (i am making a lot of audio compilations).
Now, everybody raves about the Benq 1620.
Here, in Montreal, Future Shop is having a good mail-in rebate on a DW-162.
Problem is, i can’t find a review of this model. Is it the same as the 1620? Anybody’s got a clue?


It’s the same thing. It might be cheaper to order from, located out west. I believe their victoria day sale has the benq on for $55 cdn, of course, that’s the OEM model, which can be cross flashed to the pro model.


Also, i was under the impression the Plextors were the best CD writer amoung the DVD drives?


According to this thread,
there is some problem with the Plextor.
It is also very expensive. (179$ vs 89$)


The BenQ drive Futureshop sells is the DW1620 Pro, ok price after rebate, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to just buy the OEM 1620/1620 Pro, even after the FS rebate.