BenQ DW1610A


I’m thinking about gettin the BenQ DW 1610A…I am a noob and was just wondering how well or bad this one is??

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Billsrock 61

I’d suggest you to buy a DW1620 if you want to burn Dual layer dvds.

Agree with Zenigata, even if you don’t plan to burn DL disk yet, the 1620 burner is much better.

wheres the cheapest 1620 out there??

Just bought a 1620 for 65 bucks!!

Excellent price. OEM version rite?

yep didn’t need anything else with it.

I heard DVDShrink is good is this true?

Good quality compressing D9 movie to single layer plus it’s free! :bow:

Sometimes you can get a 1610 for $35 to $50. It features the same fantastic quality as the 1620. While the 1610 does not write to super-expensive dual layer discs, for most uses, it is an excellent product at a give-away price.
When using DVD Shrink to read, DVD Decryptor to burn (automatically sent over from shrink), onto 40 cent Ritek +R media, you can have very high quality without having to purchase any expensive dual layer discs.
For reference, Dual Layer disc technology is great when used in combination with super large, super high resolution flat panel entertainment systems and super high resolution projectors.
If this does not apply, then you will have no readily-noticable quality difference by saving a lot of cash on BenQ 1610 + DVDShrink+DVDDecryptor+good +R media.