BENQ DW1610 Problems

Well I just bought a BENQ DW1610 from futureshop today, as I had a feeling my Pioneer 105 was dying.

I am not impressed with this BENQ drive at all! First of all I can’t write at any speed lower then 4x. This is no good for PS2 backups at all! My ps2 can’t read discs burned at this high of a speed.

Secondly, and most important… I can’t read any discs that I burn with it! I just tried burning a data DVD and then reading it in the same drive. It doesn’t recognize the disc at all!

I thought it might be because it’s showing as a CD Drive in windows explorer so I tried a real DVD. It recognizes it and plays it fine.

So… has anyone else had problems like this? I’ll be returning this drive very soon if I can’t get them sorted out.

hey, dont give up yet. i just bought a benq dw1600, and i was having trouble with it, until i realised that i had to update the firmware. you can do this too online at that exact link will take you to the page for the drivers for your device. hope this helps you