Benq dw1610 problem

I just got my burner installed yesterday and I had this problem.

I was using mistumi dvd-r 4x that were sold at futureshop and it doesn’t seem to recognize the blank media at all!
It says that there is no disc in the drive. When the dvd is put into the burner it tries to read it like 3 or 4 times then it just stops.
This is really fustrating and I was wondering if there is a solution to this?
Thanks a bunch

BTW I’m using the latest firmware for this drive B8M9.

I’ve the same problem with several dvd-r medias. It even doesn’t recognize Verbatim -r.
I don’t think, that there is a solution the only thing we can do is to hope that the coming firmware will allow us to burn a wider range of dvd-rs.

Does your burner do this with all media, or only those Mitsumi discs?

i just got a smartbuy dvd+r
and it seems that it could read it

any tips on which type of cheap media i can get around here in canada that works with this burner?

And I have noticed that they have sales on TY and Ritek +R medias.
There’s non-frightening prices and a good value on the shipping.
These medias (TY, Ritek), when in plain, non-printable format, will outlast most other medias.
Sometimes a good deal on off brand media results in coasters, data integrity issues, and quick DVD rot in storage.
So, spring for some TY or Ritek if you want to save money in the long run. :wink:

I recommend non-printable media because attachments to the top surface of a DVD can cause it to malfunction later, after it is stored for some time. Paper labels also cause trouble; but, along with the problem, they can be removed from a plain disc and it will work correctly. With a printable or painted disc, the problem is non-removable. Personally, I use a sharpie because I’m too cheap to buy labels. :wink: Just a tip for your shopping: Don’t buy printables or white painted discs.

P.S. The BenQ 8x +R media is Daxon AZ2, and it is available at a very low price under the Legacy brand. It has very low PI failures with remarkably high minor PI errors. See our “scans” thread. Some set-top players make choppy video unless this media is burned at 4x. The very next firmware update for your 1610 will improve playability of Daxon AZ2 so that you can use it at 12x. Data integrity is 100%, very low occurance of coasters, and durability is very high (nearly bombproof). Life in storage is unknown because it is so new. Yeah, it’s weird stuff, but maybe worth a try. :wink:

Sorry, I don’t live in Canada and am not sure what’s available to you. But, I caution you against using “cheap” media because you get what you pay for. Sometimes cheaper media may give good scan results the day they’re burned. But, a few months down the road they may reveal deterioration. Stick with media that’s known to be of higher quality and has been shown to burn well with your specific DVD writer. In the long run you’ll be happier if you do.